Regulate a Healthy Diet for Office Workers

How to regulate healthy eating or healthy diet patterns for office workers? Busyness and work density in the office often cause someone to ignore his health. Coupled with the amount of responsibility that must be borne by an employee for the work handled. To maintain a healthy body, office workers should adopt a healthy eating pattern in the office, by changing habits that do not support physical health.'
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The Bad habit to be prevented for healthy diet or healthy eating 

The following are the habits of office workers to be prevented from starting a healthy diet:

Ignore Breakfast

There are many negative effects of neglecting breakfast including:
  • Neglecting breakfast can cause excessive friction of the walls in the intestine which will injure the intestinal lining and cause diseases of the digestive system. Not eating breakfast also makes the immune system decreases dramatically and causes susceptible to various diseases.
  • Keep in mind that platelets in people who do not eat breakfast are more easily sticky and clot so that blockage can easily occur.
  • Not eating breakfast also adversely affects the brain which causes the supply of blood sugar is lower than usual and makes an insufficient supply of nutrients in the brain which is certainly very influential on the development of intelligence.
Lack of drinking enough water

We know that given the water content in the human body reaches 60 percent. So drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day is a must for every human body's needs. Here are 5 dangers of drinking less water for health:
  • Water is very good for our brain cells. The function of water is so that the brain can think faster, not easily forget or senile and can concentrate on every activity that is run. because if the lack of water, especially water will cause fluid in the brain will decrease, oxygen intake that should flow to the brain also decreases. Causing brain cells to become inactive and not develop as expected.
  • Feeling thirsty, throat feels dry, body temperature becomes hot, affected by symptoms of headache, urine will be colored thick, pulse that feels fast, hallucinations and also fatal symptoms, namely death.
  • Causes bladder infections. Symptoms of bladder infection are a slight increase in body temperature, pain during urination and sometimes even blood in the urine is excreted.
  • Interfering with the functioning of the kidneys. This is because water is very important to prevent kidney stones. The function of water in the kidney organs will make the components forming kidney stones more easily shed together with the urination that we release every day.
Smoking after eating

The danger of smoking after eating is 10 times greater than normal days. This is because blood circulation in the digestive tract after eating increases, as a result a large amount of content in cigarettes that is not good for health is absorbed, so that it can damage the liver, cerebrum and heart blood vessels and cause a greater chance of cancer.

Hows to regulates healthy diet, healthy eating and effective eating patterns for office workers.

When working in an office, on average an office worker spends 8-10 hours per day to work. The high level of activity that is not infrequently made it difficult for workers who work in the office to regulate eating patterns late eating, or have indiscriminate eating patterns. Office workers only eat potluck or even ignore mealtime. So many office workers lack energy, the body becomes lethargic, and easily fatigued.

Tri Mutiara, nutrition expert from Slim Gourmet said that, whatever food or drink will be consumed, you should first examine the benefits and ingredients for our bodies. Among other things, sugar levels, preservatives, and fat. "The more obese a person's body due to suffering from obesity, the greater the risk of developing the disease. Because, most diseases begin with obesity, "

There are several ways to get around a healthy diet in office workers including:


After waking up in the morning, you should eat something to maintain the body's metabolism. Fruits and nuts such as almonds, sunflower seeds, and walnuts can be a healthy choice because they contain fiber, healthy fats, and proteins that are good for the body.


Often we are in a hurry to go to work so forget to eat breakfast. Though breakfast must be done to be able to keep sugar levels in the body stable and make the body and brain work more effectively. Eat practical but healthy foods such as boiled eggs and oranges or bread with peanut butter to meet your body's carbohydrate and protein needs.

Manage tea and coffee consumption

Too much caffeine can inhibit brain performance. Replace the usual black coffee or tea consumed with green tea. Green tea has high antioxidant content and serves to increase the body's metabolism, aid digestion, and prevent damage to body cells due to free radicals.

Healthy food for office workers

Between the time of breakfast and lunch, consume fruit or a glass of coconut water. A glass of fresh fruit juice can also be consumed because it contains probiotics that are good for digestion and regulates the body's pH balance.


What is chosen for lunch and time to eat it has a significant impact on body weight and body energy.

Pause eating hours

Every two hours, office workers need to eat so the brain gets sugar intake to avoid fatigue, mood changes, and lethargic body. Eat healthy snacks such as nuts, low-fat cheese, pumpkin seeds and sunflower. One glass of low-fat milk can also be consumed to meet the body's protein needs.


It is important to know the quality, quantity, and the right time for dinner. Many people think that dinner is a food substitute for energy that has been spent all day. So that makes office workers consume food as you wish. Even though at night, the body does not do many activities so it does not require a lot of energy intake. We recommend that you consume less food with vegetables and protein as a priority. Make sure to eat dinner two hours before bedtime.

Thus a few tips on setting or how to regulate healthy eating patterns in office workers. Office workers are the company's assets, therefore their health should get the main attention. Where one of them is to pay attention and regulate healthy eating patterns for office workers.

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