Planing for a Body Fitness Exercise Program

Physical fitness can be maintained and enhanced with aerobic physical exercise programs. How do to perform planning for a Body Fitness Exercise Program?

Exercise Program planning

Some Rules for Body Fitness Exercise Program

There are some rules for planning for a Body Fitness Exercise Program, including:
  1. Exercise Model: various forms of exercise can be chosen
    involves large muscle groups, can be maintained and rhythmic continuity. (For example: jogging, biking, rowing, bench riding, aerobics and aquarobics).
  2. Frequency of Exercise: exercises are carried out 3-5 times each week.
  3. Exercise intensity: 60 s.d. 90% HRR or 60 to 85% of the heart rate.
  4. The duration every time you practice do it for 20 s.d. 60 minutes continued without stopping.
To follow the initial training you should use the intensity and duration of approaching the lower limit, so that the body is ready to adapt gradually.

Important Things to Look For

So that the exercise program can be arranged appropriately, according to age, ability, condition and fitness level of individuals, so before following an exercise program, a medical evaluation should be carried out, including:
  1. Filling out the medical history questionnaire
  2. Examination of: symptoms of disorders of the lungs, heart, bones and joints.
  3. Measurement of blood pressure.
  4. Blood analysis, to find out: blood sugar levels, cholesterol and triglyceride.
In addition to physical examination, physical measurements need to be taken of the fitness component, including:
  1. The resistance of the cardio respiration
  2. Body fat
  3. Determination
  4. Muscle strength
Failure to follow an exercise program is usually due to the participant lack of perseverance and get bored quickly, because practicing to maintain or improve fitness takes a long time.


Exercise is a safe and effective way to improve fitness, because if done properly it is beneficial to improve physical, psychological and social quality.

Sports for fitness have characteristics: aerobic, involving large muscles, carried out continuously with rhythmic movements. These types of sports include jogging, swimming, cycling, rowing, aerobics, and aquarobics.

To obtain optimal results, it is necessary to pay attention to the principles of training which include, the principle of overload, specificity and return to origin. While the exercise dose includes the intensity of 60-85% maximum heart rate or 60-90% HRR, done with a frequency of 3-5 times / week, with a duration of 60 minutes each exercise.

The procedures for training include warming up to prepare the body for core training, core training in accordance with the objectives to be achieved and ending with cooling to restore the body's condition.

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