Moving & Resize Live Tile Sizes Windows 10

You already know that you can delete Live Tile as you wish in the article Remove Live Tile From the start Menu on Windows 10. You can also rearrange the location of Live Tile by moving it. Read the full description in the tips on Moving and resize Live Tile below.

If the Live Tile is disturbing because of its large size, then you can reset its size or position. Live Tile can be moved and also resized so that the Start Menu is not too full.

How to moving Live Tile on Windows 10.

To move Live Tile, complete the following steps:
  • Position the mouse cursor over the Live Tile that you want to move.
  • Click-drag to the new position.
  • Release the left mouse button.

How to size the Live Tile size in Windows 10.

Meanwhile, to reset the size, do the following steps:
  • Hover the mouse cursor over the Live Title that you want to resize.
  • Right-click and highlight Resize.
  • Select one of the desired size settings.
moving resize live tile

After that, you will see Live Tile with the size already You choose yourself.

Thus tips and tricks easy and fast How to Move and reset the size of Live Tile in Windows 10. Hopefully useful.

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