10 Key Messages for Maternal and Newborn Health

What families and communities need to know about maternal and newborn health. Below are 10 main messages that the family must know for the health of the mother and her newborn baby.
maternal newboarn healthy
  1. Adolescent daughters who are healthy and educated and get adequate nutrition during childhood through adolescence will experience a healthy pregnancy period, safe delivery, and tend to have healthy babies if the age of childbirth begins after the age of 18 years.
  2. Risks associated with the age of childbirth, for a mother and her baby can be significantly reduced, if before pregnancy, the mother is in good health and nutritious. During pregnancy and lactation all mothers need nutritious food, more food, more rest than usual, blood-added tablets or some micro nutrient supplements, even though they have consumed fortified foods, iodized salt to ensure the baby's mental development.
  3. Every pregnancy is special. To ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy all pregnant women must have their pregnancy test or checked at least four times. Pregnant women and their families must be able to recognize the signs of childbirth and the danger signs of pregnancy. They must have a birth plan and prevent complications in order to get services and help from health workers.
  4. The time of childbirth is a critical period for mother and baby. Every maternal mother must be assisted by trained health workers, namely doctors and or midwives, and refer to specialist services if complications occur.
  5. Postpartum services for mothers and babies will reduce the risk of complications and help families get a healthy baby. Mother and baby must be checked regularly after delivery. If complications occur, the examination is carried out more often.
  6. A healthy mother, safe childbirth, care and basic care for newborns, loving families, and a clean home environment will greatly help the endurance and health of the newborn, and its survival.
  7. Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, Psychotropic Narcotics and Addictive Substances, poisons, and other pollutants are dangerous for pregnant women, fetal development, infants and children.
  8. Violence against mothers is a serious public health problem in almost every community group. For a pregnant woman, violence is very dangerous for both the mother and her pregnancy. Violence can increase the risk of miscarriage, or give birth prematurely, and has the potential to give birth to low weight babies.
  9. At work, pregnant and nursing mothers must be protected from discrimination and exposure to health risks and be given time to breastfeed. They have the right to get leave, employment protection, health insurance and, if possible, cash assistance.
  10. Every woman has the right to get quality health services, especially for pregnant women and new mothers. Every health worker should have technical competence and be sensitive to local customs and must treat all women, including young women, with respect.

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