The Importance of Delaying the Next Pregnancy.

To maintain the health of the mother and child, a mother should postpone or delaying the next pregnancy until her last child is at least two years old.

The risk of death for newborns (0-28 days) and babies under one year increases with distance birth is too close (less than two years). In addition, the risk of premature birth and LBW is also increasingly high. Babies born with LBW are difficult to grow well, are more easily ill, and have a four times greater chance of dying at the age of the first year compared to babies born with normal weight.

One of the threats to the health and growth of children under two years is the birth of their younger siblings. For older children breastfeeding may be stopped, so that the mother lacks time to prepare food and provide attention and service needed by all children.

At the time of the presence of a baby in the middle of the family, it is very important for the father to help the mother to take care of the baby and other children. Both parents and caregivers must provide the same attention and service to boys and girls. A mother's body needs time to recover after pregnancy and childbirth. For a mother before becoming pregnant again, she needs good health and nutritional status. If a mother has a miscarriage, she must wait at least six months to get pregnant again so that the risk to herself and the baby is reduced.

To protect the health of their families, both parents must be aware of the importance of (1) a two-year gap between the birth of the last child and the beginning of the next pregnancy and (2) limiting the number of pregnancies.

Health risks during pregnancy and childbirth will increase, if a mother is too often pregnant. A mother's body will easily become weak because of repeated pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for young children. After having multiple pregnancies, a mother will face an increased risk of health problems, such as anemia and bleeding.

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