How to Quickly Find Applications in Windows 10

There are several ways that you can use to look for applications that have a computer installed on Windows 10.

The first way to find applications with the start menu

The first way you can use is to search for applications directly using the Start Menu by searching one by one in alphabetical order. 

find appliation programs

The Second Fast Way to search for applications with Search Tools

The second way to find applications that are already installed on Windows 10 is by typing the name of the application through Search Tools. If the second method is taken, then the steps are as follows:
  • Click the Start Menu. By using the Mouse or Keyboard by using the Windows logo key or Start on the keyboard.
  • Start searching for the application name by typing in its name.
  • If found, click the application to launch it by Windows.
find application programs
Search for an application by typing its name directly

Windows adopts predictive search so you don't need to type the name of the application in full. By typing a few letters first name only, Windows will display the application.

Tips and tricks on how to quickly find applications that are installed on Windows 10 can save you time in searching for applications or programs installed on the computer. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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