Familiarize a Healthy Lifestyle in Children

Good habits must start early. For that we also have to get used to a healthy lifestyle in children since childhood. Starting from eating patterns, television viewing habits to sleep. What do you think about healthy lifestyle tips for children?
Healthy Lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle from an early age not only makes children accustomed, but will also support growth and development and good nutrition for children. The following are tips on ways to get your child accustomed to a healthy lifestyle, that's is:

Familiarize healthy snacks

Children who consume healthy snacks from an early age will get used to the taste of healthy food until adulthood. For this reason, instill in children that healthy snacks are snacks that are low in fat, sugar and salt. Prioritize eating snacks made from fruit and nuts.

Choosing media that is good for children
So that children can get used to healthy eating patterns, then avoid choosing television shows, cartoon characters, songs or posters that do not favor healthy food. This will greatly affect the child because the child is easily attracted to and imitates new things he knows.

healthy style
Familiarize children to focus on eating

Don't let children eat while watching television or playing. In children, this can cause children not want to eat. Meanwhile, if accustomed to adulthood, the child will be prone to obesity because the portion of food intake is not controlled. Familiarize children eat at the dinner table so that the focus is maintained so they can enjoy food well.

Try to keep the children always having dinner with family

Dinner with family will create intimacy and complete the daily growth and development needs of children. Similar to the previous point, having dinner together will make the child focus on his food and will create regular meal times.

Try to eat and sleep regularly

Try to keep the four diets above can always be applied routinely so that children are accustomed to eating healthy. Don't forget to make sure your child always has enough sleep.

Healthy lifestyle that is applied to children will have a positive impact on their development both physical and non-physical development. Children are our hope, maintaining their health by instilling healthy patterns and lifestyles is the duty of every parent. This is a form of parental love for their children.

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