Are you Healthy, Definition of Health and Healthy.

Have you ever felt eating feels good, doing all activities feels passionate and fun? If so, then you are in good healthy. How nice if we are in good health, right? Conversely, have you ever felt the whole body is weak, achy, tired, and fever so that we cannot do all activities properly.
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Definition of Health and Healthy

The term healthy in everyday life is often used to mean that something can work normally. Even inanimate objects such as motor vehicles or machinery, if they can function normally, it is often said by the owner that the vehicle is in good health. Most people say healthy if the body feels fresh and comfortable. Even a doctor will declare his patient healthy when according to the results of the examination he did get the patient's entire body functioning normally.

However, the true understanding of health is not so. Understanding health is a condition that includes physical (physical), spiritual (mental), and social health, and not just a state free from illness, disability, and weakness.

The definition of healthy is in line with the definition of healthy according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1975 as follows: Health is a condition that is free from all types of diseases, both physical, mental, and social.

The above health restrictions have now been renewed if the previous health restrictions only covered three dimensions or aspects, namely: physical, mental, and social. Thus, health includes 4 aspects, namely: physical (body), mental (soul), social, and economic.

These health limitations are inspired by the most recent WHO health restrictions. Understanding health at this time is indeed more extensive and dynamic, compared to the previous limitation. This means that a person's health is not only measured from the physical, mental, and social aspects, but also measured from productivity in the sense of having a job or producing something economically.

For those who have not entered the world of work, children and adolescents, or for those who are not working (retired) or old age, the meaning of socially productive applies. For example, socio-economic productive for school students or college students is achieving good achievements, while being socio-economically productive for old age or retirees is having social and religious activities that are beneficial, not only for themselves, but also for others or the community .

The four dimensions of health influence each other in realizing the level of health of a person, group or community. That is the reason, then overall health contains all four aspects. The embodiment of each of these aspects in one's health includes the following:

Physical health is manifested when someone does not feel and complain of pain or absence of complaints and does not objectively appear ill. All organs of the body are functioning normally or not experiencing interference.

Mental health includes 3 components, namely mind, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Healthy thinking is reflected in the way of thinking or thinking.
  • Emotional health is reflected in a person's ability to express his emotions, such as fear, joy, worry, sadness and so on.
Healthy spirituality is reflected in the way a person expresses gratitude, praise, trust and so on for something outside of this mortal realm, namely God Almighty (Allah SWT in Islam). For insteance healthy spirit can be saw from religion practice of one. In other words, spiritual health is a condition in which a person performs his worship and all the religious rules he adheres to.

Social health is realized if someone is able to relate to other people or other groups well, without distinguishing race, ethnicity, religion or beliefs, social status, economy, politics, etc., and mutual tolerance and respect.

Health from an economic aspect is seen when a person (adult) is productive, in the sense of having activities that produce something that can support his own life or his family financially. For those who are not yet an adult (students or students) and old age (retirees), this limit does not automatically apply. Therefore, for the group, what applies is socially productive, which is to have activities that are useful for their lives later, for example achieving students or students, and other social, religious, or social services for the elderly.

Why Is Health Necessary?

Health is not everything, but without health everything is meaningless. Basically everyone is craving for a healthy body condition. Why is that? Because health is a basic human need. Health plays an important role in the life of every human being, because:
  1. Health is one of the determining factors in the quality of human resources.
  2. Health as a condition for achieving harmonious physical, spiritual (mental) and social development,
  3. Health as a condition for optimally carrying out activities which in turn will affect performance and productivity.
Recognizing the importance and important role of health, each country through their respective Ministry of Health plans to participate in a health program for their people. The goal is that each of their residents, both urban and rural, becomes a healthy and strong community to carry out the development of the homeland and the nation. This was a recommendation from a worldwide health conference at Alma Ata, Kazhaktan, 1978.

Health efforts are any activities to maintain and improve health carried out by the government and / or the community. This means, that in order to realize this degree of health, personal, group or community health must be sought. Efforts to realize health are carried out by individuals, groups, communities, both institutionally by the government, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Judging from the nature, efforts to realize health can be seen from two aspects, namely health care and health improvement. Health care also includes 2 aspects, namely: preventive (disease prevention) and promotive (health improvement) itself.

Health needs to be improved because one's health is relative and has a wide range. Therefore, promotive health efforts contain the meaning of a person's health, group or personal must always be pursued to the optimal level of health.

That is the understanding, definition of what is healthy and health taken from various sources of reference. Hopefully, what is expected about the notion of health and health can be realized in every person.

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