How to Facial Skin Cae Properly and correctly

How to perform Facial Skin Care properly and correctly?  In daily activities, facial skin cannot be free from dirt, both dust and cosmetics that stick to the skin, especially for someone who is traveling. Circumstances like this if left unchecked will cause some skin disorders, for example blackheads, acne / pimples, pigmentation, small wrinkles and so on. To overcome this, it is necessary to do regular and periodic maintenance. Regular maintenance can be done with the right technique and with the appropriate cosmetics.

Facial Skin Cae

Facial skin has a different structure and characteristics, therefore skin care can be divided into: (a) daily care (simply), and (b) periodic care (complete)

Daily Facial Skin Care (Simplified)

This treatment can be done alone at least twice a day, ie morning and evening / evening (before bed). Daily facial skin care includes: (a) cleansing (cleansing), (b) refreshing (toning), (c) moisturizing, especially for dry skin types.

Periodic Facial Skin Care (Complete)

Complete treatment for ages under 35 years can be done 1 (one) month and ages 35 years and over is done 2 weeks. If daily care can be done alone, then this complete treatment is better done by a beautician because this requires relaxation for the client and requires certain skills for the caregiver.

Complete facial skin care includes the following.

  • Cleansing
  • Eyebrow extraction (epilation)
  • Exfoliation of horn cells (skin peeling)
  • Massage
  • Elimination of blackheads or fat
  • Treatment of blackheads
  • The use of face masks
  • Refresher (toning)
  • Moisturizing

Purpose of  Facial Skin Care

Some goals in treating facial skin care are as follows:
  • Improve the condition of the skin from wrinkles and small wrinkles from rough skin to smooth because the dead horn cells are peeled off.
  • Increase blood circulation and lymph.
  • Improve muscle tissue and skin cells.
  • Improve hygiene, health, freshness, and skin beauty.
  • Renew and stimulate skin cell activity.

How to Facial Skin Massage Manually

Facial skin massage is one of the most important cosmetic sequences for beauty experts. This massage method must use soothing (relaxed), and subtle movements, and follow certain instructions. To achieve perfection in order there are several things that must be considered as follows:

Flexibility and Flexibility of the Hand

Flexibility of hands and flexibility of the hands is needed in doing massage movements, because without the flexibility of the hands will cause undesirable effects such as: (1) the client does not feel comfortable, (2) causes fatigue in people who massage, (3) the aim of each movement is not achieved, (4) the massage order is not appropriate, for example the pressure that should be hard becomes light.

Massage Method

For massage should be done with full concentration, sequence movements must be in accordance with the condition of the skin, for example smooth, light and slow rhythmic movements. Massage in accordance with the objectives and benefits of massage will provide peace and comfort to the client or the person ordered. Some things that need to be considered in carrying out massage.
  1. When massage, the beautician attitude must be upright.
  2. Arrange rhythmic movements on each sequence movement technique.
  3. Perform massage movements correctly according to the massage technique.
  4. Adjust the pressures of the movement according to the condition of the muscles and facial skin.
Classification of Massage Movements

In cosmetics sequencing, especially facial skin massage, massage movements can be classified into several massage techniques according to the purpose and effect of a movement. The technique is as follows:


What is meant by effleurage is the movement stroking upwards in a row according to the rhythm. The hands or fingers are sagging at all, adjusted to the part being sorted. Fingers or hands should not be lifted from the skin before they reach the sorted end.

Effleurage movement function
  • To even out the massage cream.
  • As an initial movement before another movement.
  • To calm the muscle tissue after another movement.
  • To end the whole massage movement.
Effect of effleurage motion
  • Calms the nerves.
  • Increases blood circulation and lymph.
  • Remove dead skin cells.
  • Improve skin function.
Figure 3.1. Effleurage massage movement
Effleurage massage facial skin care

Petrisage is a sequential movement with pressure or squeezing and in a circle that is done using the palm of the hand or cushion fingers.

Petrisage function
  • Streamlining blood circulation and lymph.
  • Stimulating springy fibers in the connective tissue layer.
Effects of Petrisage movements
  • Helps lift disposal results.
  • Relax muscles and increase tone (fraction) on the skin.
Figure 3.2. Petrisage Massage Movement


Vibratie is a vibrating motion using the palms or fingers. There are two types of vibratie movements, namely, movements that are nerve calming (static vibratie), and movements that are nerve stimulating (dynamic vibratie).

Vibratie function
  • Calming the nerves
  • Reducing muscle tension
Vibratie Effect
  • Rilex and reduce muscle tone.
  • Stimulates connective tissue skin layers.
  • Soothes the nerves in the skin layer.

Tapotage is patting, tapping, typing quickly and successively using the palm of the hand or fingertips.

Tapotage movement function
  • Stimulate the nerve endings reaction of the skin.
  • Reducing fat deposits.
Tapotage movement effect
  1. Stimulates muscle tone and restores muscle slackness.
  2. Increase blood vessel activity.
  3. Tightening and refreshing skin tissue.
  4. Tightening and refreshing skin tissue.
Figure 3.3 . Tapotage Massage Movement
Tapotage Massage Movement

Friction is rubbing movements using the tips of the finger pads slowly and rhythmically, the pressure is strengthened and lightened continuously. The function of the friction movement is to improve skin condition.

Friction movement effect
  • Stimulating glands in the skin layer.
  • Repair callogenic fibers.
Figure 3.4 Friction Massage Movement
Friction Massage Movement

That's it., all f the facial skin care and treat both simple and complete facial skin care. You can perform facial skin care by step with this guidance.

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