Choosing the Right Facial Skin Care Cosmetics

Choosing the Right Facial Skin Care Cosmetics according to skin type is very important meaning for your facial skin. How to choose the right cosmetics for skin care that matches the skin type. Read the complete tips below.

What is the Definition of Cosmetics.

Definition of Cosmetics is an ingredient or mixture of ingredients to be rubbed, glued, poured, sprinkled or sprayed on, put in, used on the body or parts of the human body with a view to cleaning, maintaining, adding to the attraction or changing its appearance and not including the drug class ".
The following is a special cosmetics for facial skin care for daily problems and not regularly. Daily care cosmetics consist of cleansers, fresheners and moisturizers. While regular maintenance plus skin peels, massage cream, and masks

What types of cosmetic ingredients are needed for facial skin care according to skin type?

The cosmetic ingredients needed for facial treatments are:

NoCosmetic NameSpecificationAmount
1Cleanser CosmeticFor all skin types1bottle
2RefreshingFor all skin types1bottle
3MoisturizerFor all skin types1bottle
4Peeling creamFor all skin types1bottle
5Massage creamFor all skin types1bottle
6MaskerFor all skin types1bottle

Choosing the right facial skin cosmetics.

To choose the right facial skin cosmetics is with the following conditions.

Cleansing Cosmetics

Cleaning cosmetics can be divided into four types, namely oil, cream, thick liquid (emulsy) and stems. Cleaning cosmetics can be used for daily care as well as regular maintenance. Cosmetic cleaners are made with ingredients that can remove impurities that are fat or oil or dust, but also have the property to be able to neutralize the skin's pH condition, which is between 4.5-6. Cosmetic cleanser for oily skin types. For example cleansing milk, while for dry skin types such as cleansing cream. Every cosmetic product is usually listed for oily, normal and dry skin types.

Refresher (Toning)

The use of cosmetic fresheners is carried out after cleaning. Its function is to give a fresh feeling to the skin because it will replace the evaporation that occurs in the skin, help remove the remnants of cleaning cosmetics that are still left on the skin, and summarize the pores so that they return to their original state. The use of cosmetic fresheners is also adapted to the type of skin that is for normal, dry and oily skin. Examples of cosmetic fresheners are face tonic and astringent.

Moisturizing Cosmetics

Moisturizing cosmetics aims to provide moisture to the skin needed for the life of cells under the skin. Basically, moisturizing cosmetics contain ingredients that can draw water from under the skin while preventing evaporation, plus animal or vegetable oils or fats, as well as various types of vitamins A, D, F, and hormones. Use of moisturizers regularly can maintain skin condition. Moisturizing cosmetics especially for dry skin, but there are also moisturizers on the market for oily skin.

Cosmetics Exfoliating Horn Cells (Skin Peeling)

The use of cosmetics can be said as a cosmetics deep cleanser (depth cleansing), because it can slough off dead horn cells, so that it will cause rejuvenation of the skin. Skin peeling cosmetics can be in the form of creams or pastes containing small granules, which can help exfoliate dead skin cells by rubbing (facial scrub). This cosmetics is used for all skin types.

Massage Cream

The use of massage cream is mainly to smooth the movement when ordering, soften the horn cells that have died so that the cells it can dissolve when the cream is removed. Sorting cream consists of animal fat, pelican fat, vegetable fat, water and perfume. This cosmetics is the same for all skin types.

Face Mask

Masks are cosmetics that are used at the last level in treating facial skin with no problems. Its use is done after massage, applied to the entire face except for the eyebrows, eyes and lips so that it will appear wearing a face mask. Masks also include cosmetics that work in depth (depth cleansing) because it can lift horn cells that are dead. The usefulness of the mask is as follows.
  • Improve the level of cleanliness, health, and beauty of the skin, improve and stimulate the activities of skin cells.
  • Eliminating the gloom of the skin, removing the remnants of dirt and horn cells that are still attached to the skin.
  • Repair and tighten tone (framing) skin.
  • Nourishes skin, nourishes skin, smooths and softens skin.
  • Prevents, disguises, reduces wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.
  • Blood circulation of the skin.
  • Streamlining the circulation of lymph fluid (lymph) in carrying the rest of the burning agent to be distributed to organs of excretion.

What are the types of masks for facial skin care?

Masks consist of various forms. The following are the various masks and their use.

Powder Mask

This mask consists of powder material (coalin, titanium, dioxide, magnesium carbonate), glycerin, distilled water, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Function to whiten and tighten the skin. In use, the powder material is mixed with distilled water or rose water, until it becomes a thick mixture. In making the dough requires expertise so that it is not too runny or not too thick and easily applied to facial skin.

Gelatin Mask (Peel of Mask)

This mask forms translucent (transparent) on the skin. The basic ingredients are jelly from gum, tragocant, latex and usually packaged in a tube. Its use is immediately leveled on the facial skin. As for how to lift it by peeling, gently lifted intact starting from the chin up to the cheeks and ending on the forehead. Types of masks on the market usually

Figure 2.1 Face Mask 

face skin care cosmetik


NoSkin TypesTypes of masksIngredientsMaking
1Normal and dry skins 1. Avocado masks
2. Mayonnaise Masks
1) Avocado Juice
2) Bolus alba
3) Mayonnaise
4) Olive oil

Blended until smooth
2Oily Skins 3.Cucumber Mask 5) Cucumber Extract
6) Egg white
7) Bolus alba mixed
Blended into one


It would be beautiful, right and good if everything was right at the right time and place. Likewise, in choosing the types of cosmetics for facial skin, facial skin masks both derived from natural ingredients or man-made ingredients. This will have an impact on your facial skin.

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