The Importance of Education & Nutrition in Pregnancy & Childbirth

Girls who are healthy and educated daughters and get adequate nutrition during childhood through adolescence will experience a healthy pregnancy period, safe childbirth, and tend to have healthy babies if the age of childbirth begins after the age of 18 years.

Young girls who get formal education are better equipped to fill their lives. They usually know about health care, and don't get pregnant at a young age. Usually they also get married as adults, have a small number of children, arrange a better pregnancy distance, and seek care for pregnancy and childbirth. An estimated 2 per 1000 maternal deaths can be prevented for each additional year of school attendance.

The healthy development and growth of a child through adolescence, will help prepare him for a healthy pregnancy during the fertile age. In addition to the problems of education and health care, young girls need good nutrition from children to teenagers to reduce the various problems that will arise during pregnancy and childbirth. Daily menu needs to be nutritious. These include iodized salt, foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as nuts, seeds, green, red, orange and yellow vegetables and orange fruits. If possible, milk or other livestock products such as eggs, fish, chicken and meat should be included in the menu.

Teenage girls who attend school usually postpone marriage and pregnancy. Each pregnancy can have serious consequences for adolescents under the age of 18, especially those under the age of 15. Teenage girls and their babies have a higher risk of complications and death.

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It is very important to prevent pregnancy at a young age and inform adolescents about the dangers of getting pregnant at a young age, as well as sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Adolescents must improve their ability to choose healthy living which also supports equality in addition to respecting inter gender relations.

The tradition of circumcising women, can lead to severe infections of the vagina and urethra which can eventually lead to infertility and death. It can also lead to dangerous complications during labor.

Health workers and community empowerment programs can help raise awareness about these dangerous habits and the importance of young people to delay marriage and pregnancy for their health and well-being.

Families must understand the high risk of getting pregnant young. If a teenager marries young, and then becomes pregnant, his family must help him and guarantee that he will get the necessary health services.

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