Definition, Function, Characteristics & types of Healthy Food

Definition, Understanding healthy food is food that contains substances needed by the body. Healthy food contains balanced nutrition, which is food that is full of nutrients and is well consumed by the body. Knowing the relationship between food consumed and its impact on health is important to understand, so office workers can choose healthy foods that are needed by the body.

Food, the body needs as the main source of energy for the body. Every activity that teens do can occur because of the energy present in their bodies. The foods that teenagers consume daily provide energy for the body to do activities, both walking, running, thinking, and whatever activities they do every day.

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Healthy food is the right food to add nutrients to our body, which contains nutrients. These nutrients are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water (Hardani, 2012).

Food Functions for the Body

The function of food is not just to eliminate hunger, but more important is to get energy, get the building blocks for body cells, enhance the body's resistance to disease, and to ensure the smooth running of all kinds of processes that occur in the body. For this reason, food consumed every day should contain energy-producing elements, building cells, and regulating all kinds of processes in the body. 

In accordance with its uses, the food that enters the body can be classified as follows:
  • Food as a source of energy, especially those containing charcoal hydrates.
  • Food as a source of builders, used as the formation of new body tissue cells, the formation of red blood cells, white blood cells, and immunity or antibodies.
  • Food as a source of regulating substances, is absolutely necessary although very little.

The characteristics of Healthy Food and Unhealthy Food

a. The characteristics of healthy food
  1. Does not contain much animal fats.
  2. Low in salt and MSG, the use of many flavorings on the market makes food taste more tasty and delicious, but that does not mean being healthier.
  3. Many contain vegetables or fiber.
  4. No / little use of preservatives. Every food that is packed generally contains preservatives, such as seasoning stock, canned food, etc.
  5. Using a little cooking oil,
  6. Not contains coconut milk
  7. Not too spicy.
b. Cooked well, so not half cooked or too long cooked.
c. The characteristics of unhealthy food

Contains Formalin. Formalin is a formaldehyde solution in water and is prohibited from being used in food as a preservative. Formalin is used in the plastics, anti-foam industry, construction materials, paper, carpet, textile, paint, furniture, and preservatives. Formalin can cause cancer. About 2 tablespoons of formaldehyde can cause death.

Types of Healthy and Harmonious Foods

1. Protein and Fat

The combination of these two types of food becomes harmonious as long as no fat is added. For example, meat and beans are two types of foods that have a combination of protein and fat. The fat element contained in these two foods serves to slow down the digestion process so that protein has enough time to interact with stomach acid. But if this fat is added to other fats, for example meat fried in oil, the fat contained in the oil will automatically add fat to the meat, so that fat can cause digestion process in the stomach becomes imperfect.

Examples of foods with a combination of Protein and Fat are:
  • Meat (chicken, beef, fish) that is grilled, baked, boiled or steamed.
  • Roasted, boiled or steamed beans.
protein healthy food

2. Starch and Fat

As with foods that contain protein and fat, starches and fats will be a combination of foods that are harmonious as long as they are not given extra fat to process them. For example yams or yams, don't add thick coconut milk like when we make compote. Use only modest fat as a flavor enhancer.

Examples of foods with a combination of starch and fat are:
  • Bread with a little butter
  • Mashed potatoes with a little cream
  • Rice is cooked with a little coconut oil
  • French fries (protein and fat contained in potatoes are so low that it is safe to fry them with unsaturated and new oils, not used oils).
3. Sugar and Sour

This combination is widely found in fresh fruits and pure yogurt. Examples of foods with a combination of Sugar and Acid are:
  • Pure yogurt + pure honey.
  • Pure yogurt + sweet fruit.
  • Sour fruit + sweet fruit.
  • Sweet and sour sauce.
4. Vegetable Fat and Vegetable Protein

Vegetable fat and protein tend to be low, so it's safe to combine foods that both contain vegetable protein. Because the digestion process is not as heavy as when we consume animal protein. Precisely if we combine these two types of food, this will support each other so that it complements the amino acid content in both types of food. One thing to remember when combining these foods is to avoid how to process them by not adding excessive fat.

healthy food

Examples of foods with a combination of Vegetable Protein and Vegetable Protein are:
  • Red rice + tempeh
  • Rice + red bean paste
  • Soup filled with various seeds and legumes.
Healthy food is very useful and beneficial for our body. Hopefully the information about Definition, Function, Characteristics and types of Healthy Food above can inspire you to implement it in everyday life.

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