Acted out Handling of Electricity and Water Shortages

What are the definition of shortage of water and electricity and How to handle it? Fire can occur if there are three elements, namely combustible material, oxygen and sparks. % more than the total number of cases of fire caused by electricity. This is because the electrical equipment used is not in accordance with the correct procedures and standards set by the Electricity Problems Institute (state electricity company), the low quality of electrical equipment and cables used, as well as careless installation and not in accordance with regulations

Definition of a shortage

Electrical shortage (short circuit) occurs because of the connection of a positive wire and a negative wire with electricity. This is because the cable insulation is damaged due to animal bites, is old, the quality of the cable is poor and the cable cross-section is too small which is incompatible with the electricity load that flows. Then around the spark the cable insulation has reached the point of burn. The temperature of cable insulation can reach the burn point because the electrical current passing through the cable is far greater than the cable's ability. For example a cable for size 12 amperes is powered by a 16 ampere electric current, because the cable is used to connect many electrical appliances resulting in cable insulation becoming hot.
Electricity Water Shortages
If the high temperature of the insulation occurs sparks then most likely the insulation material will burn. Sparks occur only once because the fuse immediately works to cut off the flow, but that is enough to cause fires and fires caused by sparks will continue because the insulating rubber that has reached the temperature of the fuel will continue to burn.
For certain insulation materials the melt of a burning cable that falls will not die out immediately, but still ignites with sufficient time to burn, this is one possible cause of the fire. Or if the short circuit occurs too long means the heat will be high, then the presence of air containing oxygen and coupled with the presence of flammable dry objects will cause a fire. A fire that cannot be controlled is called a fire.

Short circuit that occurs can also cause electricity to flow larger. Then because there is a fuse that is placed on the connection board, where the fuse functions as a breaker / current limiter, the excess current will cause electricity to go out so that the situation becomes safe. Thus a short circuit can be secured by a fuse. But if the fuse is wrapped around a wire to prevent it from breaking quickly, it means that the amount of current that can break the fuse becomes large, as a result the short circuit will last long so that a spark will ignite, eventually causing a fire. While the limiter / circuit breaker occurs when the electric power exceeds the power connected to the measuring device and the limiter.

Measuring and restricting itself is the boundary of responsibility between the electric company and the customer. Where before entering into electricity consumers through a low voltage network, the customer inlet and gauges and barriers. This is the responsibility of the State Electricity Company, whereas after the gauges and constraints are the customer's responsibility.
Thus if there is a fire it will be known who is responsible. Apart from that there are also fires due to electricity caused by imperfect contact that is sometimes connected sometimes not causing a spark. Examples can be seen on the light switch at night so the room goes dark and causes sparks because the contacts have been damaged as a result the ignition box burned. If an imperfect contact is passed by a current, then the heat will gradually rise. Then the heat that occurs will propagate heating the surrounding material including insulation material. If the material becomes flammable due to high temperatures, sparks will be very easy to cause a fire.
Another possible cause of the fire is the tap is broken imperfectly, so the electricity is sometimes connected sometimes not. But this is difficult to detect because physically the cable insulation still looks intact. But actually in insulation there is a wire that has broken is not perfect.

Causes of shortage of water and electricity

Causes of a short circuit include:
  1. The fire caused by a short circuit can be caused by human error factors.
  2. Laymen of laboratory users for electricity usage so that they often act recklessly or carelessly in using electricity or do not follow the procedures and methods of using electricity properly according to the rules of the State Electricity Company, so that there is a fire that does not have a slight loss.

Some effort for handling Water and electricity shortage

While efforts that can be done to reduce the occurrence of fires are by:
  1. In the server room it should be ensured that the overflow of water from the AC (Air Conditioner) does not apply.
  2. The temperature and humidity in the server room should be monitored and guarded
  3. Increase the awareness of users of electric computer laboratories for their daily needs / teaching and learning process.
  4. As in dividing the current by using the socket instead of being done at will but must be done according to regulations so as not to cause a fire. This means that if the number of plugs installed in a socket exceeds the limit it will cause the cable in the socket to become hot. If the heat occurs in a relatively long time then this will cause the main terminal to melt and eventually a short circuit will occur. Then from the heat comes a fire that will propagate along the cable and if the insulator is not able to withstand the heat there will be a fire.
  5. Use the socket as it should. In this case there are two sockets; first stop the 200 Watt socket is only used for equipment under 500 - 1000 VA; the two types of power sockets used for equipment above 1000 VA.
Electricity and water shortages have the potential to cause a fire, loss of property and loss of life. Therefore, take precautionary measures before the occurrence of water and electricity shortages.

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