Dangerous Ingredients of Cigarettes and the Impacts

Whats are the chemicals in cigarettes and the impacts to our body's? Cigarettes are things that are familiar to us. Smoking has become a very common and widespread habit in society. The dangers of smoking on body health have been studied and proven by many people. The adverse effects of smoking are also clearly known.

Many studies have proven smoking habits increase the risk of various diseases such as heart disease and vascular disorders, lung cancer, oral cavity cancer, laryngeal cancer, osefagus cancer, bronchitis, high blood pressure, impotence and pregnancy disorders and defects in the fetus.


In fact this smoking habit is difficult to break and is rarely recognized by people as a bad habit. Especially people who smoke to distract themselves from stress and emotional distress, it is more difficult to break away from this habit than smokers who do not have a depression background.

The dangerous chemicals in cigarettes

Here are some chemicals contained in cigarettes:
  • Nicotine, the content that causes smokers to relax.
  • Tar, which consists of more than 4000 chemicals, 60 of which are carcinogenic.
  • Cyanide, a chemical compound that contains the cyano group.
  • Benzene, also known as benzene, a combustible and colorless organic chemical compound.
  • Cadmium, a metal that is very toxic and radioactive.
  • Methanol (wood alcohol), the simplest alcohol which is also known as methyl alcohol.
  • Acetylene, is an unsaturated chemical compound which is also the simplest alkaline hydrocarbon.
  • Ammonia, can be found everywhere, but is very toxic in combination with certain elements.
  • Formaldehyde, a highly toxic liquid used to preserve corpses.
  • Hydrogen cyanide, a poison used as a fumigant to kill ants. This substance is also used as a plastic and pesticide-making agent.

The dangers impact of smoking

The danger of smoking is primarily for health. We know that cigarettes contain a lot of poisons and nicotine which can ultimately cause disease, lung cancer, impotence and even heart attacks. The longer a person consumes cigarettes the more toxins that accumulate in his body. This can inhibit physical growth or cause disease attacks in old age.


Many studies have shown that there are a variety of hazardous chemicals present in cigarettes. All of these chemicals have harmful effects on the human body.

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