11 Easy Tips How to Maintain Ear Health

How to maintain your ear healthy?. The ear is one of the senses that is very important role for human life, without the ear it can automatically cause a person to be mute because there is no sound that is captured or also heard.

We need to know that the ear has various types of parts and also has different functions. Like the auricle which has the function of directing sound to the ear hole that will be forwarded to the inside of the ear which will be sent to the brain, so the brain can translate these various sounds.

Like other senses, the ear is also very important to maintain health, to maintain ear health turns out to be very easy when done regularly.

maintain ear healthy

Following 11 Easy Tips to Maintain Ear Health

Do not pry earwax with a cotton bud

When you eat chew properly, this is important, because the chewing movement will help in the process of removing earwax. To be able to taste it, try by chewing gum

Try wax therapy, because it can clean the dirt in the ear. And also learn how to do wax therapy, and you can try it yourself at home.

Don't scratch your ears when itching 

Know the type of infection in your ear, because it requires treatment from a specialist.

There are 2 types of infections, namely the outer and middle ear. For the outside usually occurs due to exposure to dirty water. and feels painful, swollen, can even fester. How to treat it is to drip with antibiotics. Then for the middle part, it can have a bad impact on your eardrum. The eardrum may rupture. Usually sufferers are prescribed antibiotic tablets and use prescription drops. 

The pain that appears in your ear does not mean your ear is affected by the disease, but it could also be because you suffer from strep throat or neck joint pain, when you feel pain in the ear, it helps you consult a doctor. 

When traveling by ear sometimes hurt. To reduce the pain, you can close your nose and blow your ears gently, yawning can also be a solution.

Keep your ears clean and don't need to be too clean

Not always clean is good, like a layer of oil or cerumen found around it. Although sticky, cerumen actually serves to bind dust, even small insects that try to get into your ears.

Normally, the wax will dry out automatically, and release slowly. This dried cerumen is often considered as ear wax. If you want to clean it, just do it once a week. Rinse it with clean water when bathing. If you clean it too often, it makes your ears dry, irritated and itchy. can also make the ear more sensitive and produce more cerumen which is bad for hearing.

Routine Care

If you sound like noises or moving objects in the ear when moving your head, you should immediately visit an Ear specialist. Likewise, when you want to clean the inside of the ear. Perform routine checks at least once a year. In addition to maintaining cleanliness, it is also useful to know the health condition of your ears.

Use Ear drops during sleep and other activities

Before going to bed, it's good to pay attention to the cleanliness of pillows and mattresses, especially the presence of insects. Don't ignore this, because insects can be very annoying if they make it into your ears. Likewise when you swim. Besides having great potential to enter the ear, water can also carry impurities inside. To be safe, use ear drops when swimming or sleeping.

Use Earphones and Headphones as needed

Research conducted by acoustic experts, Professor Huggonet found the discovery, that too often using hearing aids such as earphones and headphones with loud sounds has the potential to cause impaired ear health and hearing impairment.

There are 2 possibilities that happen, the first you become less sensitive to sound and the second vice versa, you actually become too sensitive to sound. use earphones a maximum of 2 hours a day then rest your hearing for 6 hours afterwards. Use of earphones for too long can also prevent the ears from removing dirt.

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