How to Maintain the Health of the Elderly

The law of time travel gives everyone the opportunity to become an elderly person. Therefore, all people must realize and prepare themselves to become the elderly who are perfectly prosperous, that is physically, mentally and socially healthy, which means they are completely healthy according to the healthy formulation of the World Health Organization (WHO). It must be believed that growing old but staying healthy is not impossible. But the opening of opportunities to become elderly is also accompanied by the opening of opportunities for the emergence of degenerative diseases, which are generally a hereditary disease. It should be noted that inheritance problems basically cover all aspects of human biological life, not only regarding for example skin color, hair shape, height etc.

Healthy understanding must always refer to the WHO healthy formula above, the meaning of which is for the elderly is independence in the life of their bio-psycho-sociological. An elderly person, to be completely free from illness and weakness in old age is also almost impossible. But most importantly, any disease that accompanies old age, the disease can be managed properly so that the elderly are able to be completely independent (bio-psycho-sociological).

Elderly health

Some important steps to become a healthy and prosperous elderly are by implementing a healthy diet, adequate and adequate health exercise, avoiding bad things such as smoking, drinking alcohol and also avoiding other harmful pollutants (insecticides, car exhaust gas, using water polluted by hazardous waste), and trying to free themselves from various mental-psychological disturbances / burdens, through various religious and social activities (socializing) with the community environment.

It should be noted that cigarette smoke contains as many as 1014 radicals (free) in every one breath of smoke, which among others contains CO gas, NO which can react with O2 to NO2, hydrocarbon gases such as ethane, hydroxyl radicals (OH-) in the form of gas, H2O2, small amounts (trace) of metal ions (cadmium, iron, copper), and carcinogenic substances (substances that cause malignancy / cancer). Smoking can cause emphysema (rupture of lung bubbles), lung cancer, heart disease, and vascular disease (atherosclerosis). The trachea and bronchi mucosa will neutralize the oxidant contained in cigarette smoke before the smoke enters the alveoli (lung bubbles). Smoking increases the production of oxidant in the body! Other pollutants in the air are nitrogen oxides (NO), ozone (03) and sulfur dioxide (SO2), which are derived from fuel oil containing sulfur = sulfur).

Basking in the morning sun around 8-9 for 15-20 minutes will increase the formation of vitamin D needed to absorb the Ca2 + needed to strengthen bones and muscles. The impact on increasing bone and muscle strength will be more evident if the Elderly does the adequate and regular health exercise mentioned above. Another important thing in relation to sports is maintaining the ability to coordinate elderly movement, and the ability to coordinate good movement, causing the elderly to be not easy to fall. Falling is the most important cause of fractures in the elderly who generally have osteoporosis. Fracture healing in the elderly can be a problem

After becoming an Elderly, maintaining and maintaining health is a very important problem, this is because once the Elderly falls seriously ill (which requires hospital treatment), it is generally difficult for the Elderly to be able to recover to his original health condition. This is a characteristic of elderly patients. Another distinctive feature is that the "good" condition of an elderly person is not always in accordance with his actual condition. They may not complain about something, but actually have started to get sick. A case in the Geriatric clinic of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Jakarta, showed an elderly person with blood pressure of 220/160 mmHg without complaining! After further examination it turned out that his kidney was disturbed and his heart was swollen (H.U, Kompas: 29-5-04, p. 9).

Another thing that is vital to getting to a healthy elderly is family attention. Family attention has enormous psychological and physiological effects, for example attention in the form of adequate and nutritious daily food supply, protection and protection of the safety and comfort of the living environment. That will lead to a sense of physical and spiritual well-being. Furthermore, social and community interactions are also very important for the lives of the elderly to remain in perfect health. Loneliness can cause depression that can reduce the immune system of the elderly, and if you fall ill then the recovery is right

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