100% Easiest Way: Enabled & Disabled WIndows 10 Update

As we know, that by default this Windows Update setting is Enable. However, the settings for this Windows update can be adjusted according to our wishes. Windows Update settings on Windows 10 can be set to Enabled automatic update or disabled automatic update.

How do you set the Enable and Disable Windows update on Windows 10?

The following are 2 easy steps to make good Windows update settings. Disable Windows Update and Enable Windows Update on Windows 10. Immediately, see the description below:

Step Settings Enabled and Disabled Windows 10 Update

First step: 1. Open gpedit.msc via the RUN command.
  • The steps are as follows: press on the keyboard key Start + R, the RUN window appears, type in the RUN box "gpedit.msc" without quotes
gpedit windows 10 update
  • The Local Group Policy Editor window opens. In the left window, open: Local Computer Policy> Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Update> Configure Automatic Updates. Open the file "Configure Automatic Updates" by double clicking the file
disabled windows 10 update
  • Select Disabled
  • OK
disabled enabled windows 10 update

After the first step above, Windows Update will not run when there is the latest Windows version and Internet connection. To restore the settings to their original settings, please repeat the steps above carefully and select Enabled Windows Update.

Second step how to enabled and disabled Windows 10 update

After the first step, to ensure that Windows updates are completely disabled is through the second step, which is to turn off Windows update services. The steps to turn off Windows Update services are as follows:
  • Open the msconfig command via the RUN command
  • Press on the Start + R button, the RUN window appears, type msconfig

msconfig run  
  • The System Configuration window appears
  • Chose tab “Services”
  • Look for Windows Update
  • Uncheck the Windows Update service
  • Apply > OK
disabed windows update services

After the two steps above we can be sure that Windows 10 update features will be disabled or inactive. To reactivate the Windows Update feature on Windows 10, do the two steps above again with the first choice being enabled Windows Update and Options will check the Windows update service in msconfig.
See on Video tutorial, enabled and disabled Windows 10 update
Good luck, if there are similar tips, please provide your tips and tricks in the comments column below.

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