Definition, Causes, Signs, Treatments, Prevention of Dental Caries

Understanding and defnition od Dental Caries, causes of dental caries, signs and symptoms of caries. The definition of Caries is the demineralization of the tooth surface caused by bacteria. The product of the bacteria contained in it contains acids. Over a period of time, this acid will destroy the enamel, causing tooth decay.

The Causes of dental caries

Cavities are one form of damage to tooth enamel. The causes of cavities are:
  • Plaque, which begins to collect 20 minutes after eating, contains bacteria
  • Plaque that is not lifted will harden into calculus.
  • Plaque and calculus irritate the gums so that the swelling of the gums and oscillation of teeth.
  • Acid formed by bacteria on the enamel surface that causes cavities.
  • Cavities will damage nerve vessels and blood vessels, causing teeth to fade.
  • Cavities that are not patched will cause teeth to fall out.

Signs and Symptoms of Cavities

Cavities can occur at any age. Most often occurs in children and young age. Cavities in children cause teeth at a young age. Signs of cavities:
  • There are holes in the teeth
  • Food is easily tucked in a hole and can be removed with pain or not
  • Black on the surface of the teeth
  • Toothache / Pain when eating and drinking, hot or cold

Treatment of Dental caries

Examination of cavities can be done with X-ray foundations and bibs, while drunk treatment is as follows:
  • Cavities are cleaned with a drill
  • Can be patched using amalgam, gold, porcelain or composite resin
  • Porcelain clan composites are often used for front teeth because they have a color that changes the natural color of the teeth
  • The gold Amalgam clan is stronger and is often used for back teeth

Dental caries prevention

We can avoid cavities. Prevention is done by:
  • Maintain oral hygiene
  • Brush teeth replace 2 times a day Use dental floss
  • Routine inspection every 6 months
  • After eating sticky food, return the brushing or rinsing the mouth -
  • Fluoride application on tooth surfaces
Well, readers. That is a brief explanation of the things about dental caries starting from understanding, definition of dental caries, causes of dental caries, signs and symptoms of caries

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