Running Multiple Applications With One Click In Windows

Requires a lot of applications to be used every day? Should clicking one by one to your own applications? If you feel bored doing that, maybe there should be an update. To be able to save, and the more efficient is by running multiple applications with just one click. To that end, the following is one of the features of the old Windows that we might use to open a lot of applications with just one click, that is Batch function.

What Is Batch function?

Is a script from Windows, contains a variety of commands to be executed on the command line. In basic, the script could actually be applied directly at the command prompt (cmd) in Windows. But not all of them together, you can add some operating functions and logic in this file.

An example of looping functions (for), branching (if - else) and others. The function of this feature is none other than one so you can easily do the job that is repeated automatically. Let's just check the Internet connection or call your everyday applications. Batch file on windows can be seen from several of its existence, among others:
  • .bat, file existence is capable of running on all versions of Windows. where the latter, the file will automatically run at the command prompt windows.
  • .btm, this file is used is limited to Windows server environment.
  • .cmd, .bat files as well as. But there is a difference, in some older versions of Windows will not be able to do the reading on this file.
Back to the main topic, how to call and run multiple applications from a batch file functions. This will be more efficient and effective your time than to do the same a few clicks when opening the computer.

In the following example, is a batch function to call and run two applications, that is Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel which are often used for daily work.

Creating a Batch File 
  • Open the Notepad or Wordpad Application
  • Type the following code, on a worksheet Notepad or Wordpad
@echo off

cd "C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office15"
start winword.exe

cd "C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office15"
start EXCEL.exe

  • Save with the extension .bat
  • Finish
  •  Run Batch function by double clicking the batch file that has been created
Description of the Batch Script

In the script above, serves to automatically run the applications Word and Excel.

You can only do automation in other applications. If the script is already written, save it as the namafile.bat format. From script can be explained:

@echo off
This command is used to not show command prompt window when the command is executed.

cd "C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office15"
Command is being done to make the shift directory. To invoke another application (in this example, the location of the Microsoft Office applications Word). You must change the directory where the application is installed.

start winword.exe
Is the command used to invoke the application based on the existing directory in the previous command.

command ends.

Easy enough right? Advice for this batch function, when using this function, do not too much to use the command to call the application. Surely this would be related to memory installed on your computer equipment. The more applications there are, of course, the burden will be higher.

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