How to Find Synonyms and Replacing it with another Word in Microsoft Word?

Back again at reviewsdaily, on this occasion, we will discuss about the easy way to find synonyms word in Microsoft Office Word and replace it with another word with similar mean but with different words. Synonym is a word that has a different form, but has a meaning or definition of the same or similar. Synonym can also be referred to as a synonym.

When we write a paper for a school assignment or thesis, sometimes we lack a vocabulary. So many words that are often repeated in a paragraph.

When the same word repeated several times in a paragraph, sometimes gives the impression less good. Therefore we must search for common meaning of that word we use more variable and that's it.

By using the equation of meaning or called a synonym we could use words that mean the same but with different words, so that we make the paper more better.

Unfortunately, when we do not have enough vocabulary, especially vocabulary in a foreign language makes it difficult to search for synonyms. But in this tutorial, you do not need to worry anymore. Because in the following article will discuss how do I to find synonyms in Microsoft Office Word without find manually in the dictionary. And it turns out it is very easy at all.

Here are the step by step how to search and find for synonyms of words and replace them with other words that mean the same or similar in Microsoft office word
  • Open the Microsoft office paper or your word document. If there is no document file, just create a new document.
  • select the word by block the word that we would find the synonyms.
  • Then right click on that word and choose synonyms
  • Then select the word that you see fit and will be used to replace the word in the block.
For example in this tutorial is we will find a synonym for multiple and I chose many as synonym.

Now the sentence that was originally running multiple applications become running many applications. Please do the same thing in the word you wish to change, in other words whose meaning is similar or the same.

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