How to Crop Image in Microsoft Word

By default when we insert a pictures, images or a photo on a Microsoft Word document, will be rectangular. Well, we can do cropping these images or pictures that exist on Microsoft word document in others form without using Photoshop or CorelDraw software which price is relatively expensive.

By cropping the image, then design the picture will look different and will certainly be more attractive look.

Here are the step by step how to edit images by cropping in various forms in accordance with our wishes.

Step by step to crop the images, pictures or photo in Microsoft Word
  • Open your Microsoft Word application, and then create a new document.
  • Add or Insert some picture or image that you will change its shape into a circle or other unique shapes.
  • After an image are inserted,
  • Click double on the image
  • Immediately appears Picture Format Menu

  • Select Menu Crop
  • Select cropping shape as you like
  • Finish

After the above steps, then automatically the image that had a square, will be automatically changed into another form in accordance with your wishes. Thus, tip and trick in editing images by cropping images or picture in Microsoft Office Word.

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