How to Create Remove Delete Comment in Microsoft word

Have you ever come there are an a typed notes are located on the right side of the working window in Microsoft Word? The notes in Microsoft Word that is called the comment. This comment was made to help or remind the reader or the author of the document, if there is information, or any specific instructions as a guide or guidelines of the document.

On this occasion, reviewsdaily blog will discuss about how to create or add and delete comment on Microsoft on Office Word document.

Immediately, follow the steps below to create or add a comment in Microsoft office word document and also to remove or delete the existing comments on word documents that sometimes for some people this comment is not required.

How to add, create or make a comments in Microsoft Office Word, here is the ways :
  • Open your Microsoft Word document
  • In the example below, we will create, add or insert a comment in the document in Microsoft Word on a word Synonyms
  • Block word or phrase to be added an a comment
Click on the Review Tab > new comment
or By, Block some word and Right-click on a word in the block> select New Comment
  • enter the desired comment as shown below.
  • If you want to reply to an existing comment, you just right-click on the comment and then choose reply to comment

Now, we will discuss How to remove or delete the existing comment on the document in Microsoft Word:
  • Open the Microsoft word document that will be delete or remove the comment.
  • Click menu Review> delete. * If you just want to delete a particular comment, just select delete, but if you would like to delete or remove all of existing comments in the word document, just select delete all comments in a document

  • Or by deleting one by one comment, by the way: right-click on a particular comment, and then choose Delete Comment

Once you do the step by step above, then the whole comment is in the document are deleted. However, if you just want to hide the comment without having to remove it, you just need click show comments on the review menu. May be useful.

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