Connecting Laptop to Desktop LCD Monitor

When the LCD monitor of your laptop is damaged, the glass broke, resulting in the lcd screen display on a laptop that is not clear or even not lit, then the solution is to replace laptop lcd screen monitor with a new one. If the solution to replace with a new laptop lcd monitor not get a locker, then the second way is to connect the laptop to the LCD desktop computer or CRT monitor screen.

Here is step b y step how to connect a laptop with an LCD screen desktop computer monitor.

Some of the requirements:
Step by step to connecting the laptop to the desktop LCD monitor is as follows:
  • Connect your VGA cable to the VGA port on the laptop
  • Connect the monitor with the power cord and plug on the power
  • Turn on your computer.
  • Finish
If you want to use only one screen monitor that works with the aim to save power, the LCD screen only Desktop computers are on, then you can make settings in the Graphics options.

The Setting of the graphics options are as follows:
  • Through the desktop on the monitor screen
  • Right click> Graphics Options> output to> monitor
  • As shown in the image below:
Problems in damage of lcd monitor laptop are temporary resolved using an Desktop LCD monitor or CRT computer monitor. Next, you can prepare to buy a new laptop LCD for your laptop.

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