The Several Ways to Uninstall Programs in Windows

Uninstall program on a computer or laptop is a way to remove a program or software that is installed on your computer or laptop. By doing uninstalling, then an program or software that is installed will be removed from computer within the Windows operating system. The consequences of the uninstalling an program or software is that you can no longer use the software that has been uninstalled.

There are several ways to remove or uninstall a program on a computer or laptop, here are several ways to uninstall programs on windows operating system:

Uninstall program directly from the menu program

How to do uninstall software or programs directly from menu program? You can do this, if the installed software provides a uninstall menu to uninstall the program. Unfortunately not all application software provides a uninstall menu program

Uninstall programs Using control panel on windows

How to uninstall program using control panel? this second way is using the features of the Control Panel in Windows operating systems. Step-by-step through the control panel to uninstall windows are as follows:
  • Open the control panel computer
  • Select menu Programs> Uninstall a program
  • Select the program to be uninstalled
  • Double click on the selected program
  • Appears window will uninstall the selected program
  • click Yes

  • Finished
Uninstall programs By using the uninstaller programs.

There is a varied of uninstaller program software application that you can use to uninstall the programs. This uninstaller auxiliary program helps you to remove stubborn programs and can not be uninstalled through the control panel.

Some recommendations uninstaller program that you can use include:
To uninstall the program, you should keep in mind for uninstalling programs you no longer need. By doing uninstall, then the storage space on your hard disk will increase its capacity so as to reduce the risk of Low disk capacity.

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