3 Ways to Open Control Panel in Windows 8

Control panel on the windows operating system is a feature in the Windows operating system that can be used to make a setting or configuration on a computer system with Windows operating system. Control panel on the Windows operating system can be opened in several ways. Here are some tips and tricks 3 ways to open the control panel in Windows 8 operating system.

1. How to Open control panel Through the Desktop or Windows Explorer?
  • To open the Control Panel from the Windows Explorer, then you must open Windows Explorer window by Press Windows logo key + E key on the keyboard simultaneously
  • To open the control panel from the desktop, you must display the My Computer icon on the desktop or Windows Explorer.
  • Right-click on My Computer Icon
  • Select Properties

  • Select the control panel
Control Panel Window
2. How to open control panel Through the RUN command?
How to open the control panel from the RUN command is as follows:
  • Open RUN by Pressing button Start + R on the keyboard
  • Type in the RUN box "control"
  • Done
3. How to open control panel Through the Charm Bar?

How to open control panel through the charm bar on the window 8 are as follows:
  • Move your cursor to the left or upper right corner
  • Appears charm bar
  • Select and click the Search button
  • Type in the Search box "control”
  • Select and click on control panel
That is, 3 tips and tricks on how to open control panel in the Windows 8 operating system. Where to open the control panel on the Windows 8 operating system may be through the desktop, Windows Explorer, and the RUN command and also through the charm bar.