Understanding Ribbon and Tab Menu Office 2010

To be able working with the maximum and optimal in use of Microsoft Office Word 2010, you should need to understand the functions of the parts of Microsoft Office Word 2010. The following is a brief overview of the functions of the ribbon, and the tabs menu on Microsoft office word 2010.

Understanding about Ribbon is a great way to help understand the changes between Microsoft office word 2003 to  office word 2010. The Ribbon is holds all the information in earlier versions of Microsoft Office with way a more visual streaming line through a series of tabs that include large various of features program.

To access the ribbon of office word 2010 can be done with the mouse (click on the desired tab) or by pressing the F10 key (appear letters or numbers on the ribbon) followed by pressing the letters or numbers to select menu.

Home tab
It is the most widely used tab, it combines all the text formatting features such as font and paragraph change.

Insert tab

This tab has function and allow to insert various items into the document from the image, clip art, tables, and header and footer.

Page Layout tab
This tab has function and commands to arrange page elements such as margins, orientation, insert a column, page backgrounds and themes.

Reference tab
This tab has function and commands to use when creating a Table of Contents and page citations for the paper. It provides many simple solutions to produce documents.

Mailings tab
This tab has function and allows a document to send a letter such as printing envelopes, labels and joint processing letter.

Review tab
This tab has function and allows to making changes to the document for spelling and grammar. It also holds the track changes feature that provides people with the ability to make notes and change other people's documents.

View tab
This tab has function and allows You to change the look of your document to document  with two different pages or zoom in / out.

That is a brief overview about the functions of the ribbon and tab menu on Microsoft Office Word 2010. Hopefully with this little description about the ribbon and function of the tab menu, it can help us for understanding the Microsoft Office Word 2010.

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