The Important of Remove Garbage and Defecation in Place

Why should defecate in latrines or toilet? Some of the reasons why we have to defecate in latrines is to keep the environment are clean, healthy and odorless, does not pollute the water sources are nearby, do not invite the arrival of flies, cockroaches, mice that can be transmit some diseases  like Diarrhoea, Cholera, Dysentery, thypus and Helminthiases.

How to keep and maintain a healthy latrines?
  • Floor of the latrine or toilet is always clean and there are no puddles.
  • Clean the latrine or toilet on a regular basis so that the pits in a clean state.
  • In the latrine or toilet there is no visible dirt.
  • There are no flies, cockroaches, rats roam.
  • Available purifier (soap, toothbrush, and clean water)
  • There are available of disinfectant.
  • Latrine or toilet should be frequently cleaned and provided water for rinsing.
  • The distance between the wells with a latrine or toilet more than 10 meters
Why do we need to provide trash in the home environment and the community?
  • In a certain conditions the garbage can spread diseases such as diarrhea, intestinal worms and create unpleasant odors in the environment.
  • Germs can be spread by cockroaches, flies, mice that ate food scraps, fruit peels, and vegetables from the trash that is not closed.
  • In the home environment and the settlements must be provided trash are closed, providing a wet trash (organic) and dry trash (non-organic) and easy to reach.
  • Maintain a clean environment around it so it was not a lot of mosquitoes.
  • Reduce waste from plastic drinking bottles, as it can become a breeding ground for mosquito larvae.
How many types of garbage?

Based on the nature of garbage consisting of organic and inorganic garbage.

What's organic garbage (wet garbage)?
Organic garbage, namely perishable garbage such as food scraps, vegetables, dried leaves, etc.

What the inorganic garbage (dry garbage)?
Inorganic garbage, ie waste that is not easily decomposed, such as plastic food packaging containers, paper, plastic toys, bottles and glasses of drinks, cans, wood, and so on.

This garbage can be used as a commercial garbage sold to be used as a others product. Some inorganic waste that can be sold is plastic food packaging containers, bottles and empty drink cups, cans, glass, and paper, both newsprint, HVS, or cardboard;

What happens when a garbage are discarded carelessly?
  • To be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats and other insects.
  • Create stagnant water and muddy.
  • Become a source of diseases.
  • Causing flooding
  • Causing environmental pollution.
What is the role of health officers and cadres in fostering people to throw garbage in its place?
  • Inviting the public to use the trash
  • Provide counseling to the public about the benefits of waste or garbage sorting wet and dry waste.
What is the role of officers and cadres in fostering people to defecate in latrine or toilet?
  • Inviting the people to keep the toilets or latrine are clean.
  • Create a schedule task clean latrines or latrine among community.
  • Remind people that stools can also transmit the disease, then the baby's stool should be thrown into the latrine or toilet.
  • Separate between toilets for men and women.
What is the role of cadres or health officers in fostering community for introspective survey?
  • Monitor larvae and vector control.
  • If found larvae or vectors are reported to health officials
Garbage and human waste is a source of disease transmission media. Therefore, garbage and human waste should be disposed in place. By providing trash and latrines or toilet in homes and residential environment will be able to maintain the cleanliness and health of the environment and residential homes.

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