How To Setup Page Margins In Microsoft Word

Margin is the distance between the edge of the typing with edge of the paper page. The margin on a word document have function to set documents to be printed in accordance with the wishes. In typing with a Microsoft office word, there are some terms associated with setting the page margins, as follows:
  • Margin - Top: to give distance in the top part of the document
  • Margin - Left: to give distance in the left part of the document
  • Margin - Bottom: to give distance in the bottom part of the document
  • Margin - right: to give the distance in the right part of the document
  • Margin - Gutter: to set the left boundary for the bundle or paperclip
  • Margin - Gutter Position: to determine whether the location of the binding on the left or on the top
  • Portrait: to set the paper into a vertical position
  • Landscape: to set the paper into a horizontal position
To setup the page margins in a word document, do perform the following steps

Here are step by step how to setup page margins in the Microsoft Word document:
  • On the Page Layout tab, section Page Setup group,
  • Click Margins.
  • Set the margin-top, margin-left, margin-bottom, margin-right, margin-gutter, margin-gutter position according to your wishes. See the example in the picture below
  • Click OK
Noteworthy is that most printers require minimum width for setting up the page margins, because they can not print all the way to the edge of the page. If the margins are set too narrowly, Microsoft Word displays the message One or more margins set outside the printable area of ​​the page.
On this page margins settings, you can also set the size of paper used, and also setting the paper orientation on the printer.