Error Printer, Can not Printing Document

One day, I was having problems with the printers that installed on the computer. Errors or problems that occur are all printers are installed and connected to the computer can not printing the document. When do the printing command, the document can not be printed. But in the status on printer device is printing. The problem of the error printer when printing a document with certainty as follows:
  • Status on printer device is printing
  • Usb printer cable is normal and is well connected
  • Software printer driver is installed
  • There is no blinking sign
  • There are no other error symptoms in the printer
How to fix error printer that can not print, but the condition of the printer is normal and not a fault or error.

The conditions and circumstances are normal printer and there is no error in the printer problem, in compliance with the terms of condition as above, then the chances are that is at the service print spooler service failure loading or not running.

To resolve the problem failed loading error or fails to start the print spooler service on windows, then to deal with is all that needs to reset or restart the print spooler service.

To run a reset or restart the print spooler service, you should take the following steps:
  • Run the RUN command. By way of Press Start + R keys simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • Type in the RUN box "services.msc"
  • The window appears Services.msc
  • Move the cursor to the bottom, find the print spooler
  • Right-click, select Restart
  • If some error happened
  • Repeat again step number five
  • Finish
If print spooler service are running, then immediately issue a printer error that can not printing the document has been resolved. Shortly printer will perform printing the document immediately after the print spooler service is running normally.

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