Create VCD and SVCD using Blaze Media Pro

To create VCD and SVCD, we can use some of VCD burner software such as Nero Burning ROM, and others VCD burner. However, these following tutorial will discuss about how to create VCD and SVCD using Blaze Media Pro.

Blaze Media Pro is a all in one software application that can be used to play, edit, and convert audio video files to to another audio video format. Blaze Media Pro is also has features to create VCD and SVCD quickly and easily.

Understanding about VCD and SVCD

VCD is an abbreviation of Video CD. VCD is also called the View CD. By using the VCD format, then you can store video and audio files on a CD or a video compact disk. After you successfully make or create a VCD, then the next VCD can be played using VCD player hardware or VCD can also be played on the DVD player hardware.

Media that can be used to create VCD is a blank CD-Rom which can store about 800 Mb of data.

SVCD is an abbreviation of Super Video CD. Data storage formats to SVCD format is the successor to the VCD format. An SVCD format files contain MPEG-2 video stream and MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio. Such as Video CD, SVCD can be made by using a blank CD-rom.

Differences between VCD and SVCD is on the quality of the resulting video. Quality at a SVCDs is better than VCDs.

How to create VCD and SVCD using Blaze Media Pro?. Here are step by step to create VCDs and SVCDs using Blaze Media Pro
  • Prepare a blank CD and insert it into the VCD-RW or DVD-RW hardware on your computer or laptop
  • Buy or Download Blaze Media Pro through Blaze Media Pro website
  • Install the Blaze Media Pro
  • Run the Blaze Media Pro
  • Click on the Burn CD / DVD botton
  • Select Burn Video CD (VCD / SVCD)
  • Adding your files
  • Select Device and Burn Mode (VCD or SVCD)
  • The final step click the button VCD

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