When and How to Breastfeeding Right?

Who was given exclusive breastfeeding? Infants 0-6 months of age were given only breast milk without any other food or liquids such as water, honey, tea, fruits.

What Are The Advantages of breast milk?
  • Contain nutrients appropriate a baby needs for growth and physical development and intelligence.
  • Contains antibodies.
  • Protect your baby from allergies
  • Safe and secure cleanliness due to the breastfed infant in a fresh state. There will never stale, having the right temperature and can be given anytime and anywhere.
  • Help to improve the sucking reflex, swallowing and breathing baby.

Babies fed as soon as possible after born (Early Initiation of Breastfeeding) to stimulate breast milk can quickly get out and stop the bleeding.
  • Feed as often as possible, until the milk out. After that give breast milk as needed baby.
  • Time and duration of breastfeeding is not restricted.
  • Give breast milk from both breasts in turn.
  • Give only breast milk until the baby is 6 months old. After the baby is 6 months old, besides of breast milk feeding should also be given Complementary food breast milk in the form of blended food with a amount of corresponding with the development of the age of the baby.
  • Breastfeeding is still given to infants until 2 years old.
How to Breastfeeding Right?
  • Mothers should sit or lie down relaxed, the mother's mind must be in a state of calm (not tense).
  • Hold the baby on the back of his shoulder, not at the base of the head.
  • Engage the baby facing the mother's body, close the baby's chest with mother's breast or bottom of the breast.
  • Place the baby's chin on the breast.
  • Keep your baby's nose from the mother's breast by pressing buttocks with mother's arm inside.
  • Infants breast fed alternately from the right and left until the baby feel full.
  • When finished breastfeeding, the baby's mouth and cheeks babies cleaned with cotton soaked in warm water.
  • Before was put to sleep,  the baby must be burp first so the air that inhaled can get out by putting the baby upright on the mother and gently patted on the back until burp. The air going out alone.
By breastfeeding the baby with the right way, the need for comfort baby when breastfeeding will be met so that the baby feels comfortable when getting exclusive breastfeeding with correct and right breastfeeding.

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