The Parts and Functions of Excel 2013 Menu

Menus In Microsoft Excel. The following article will discuss about the introduction of parts and function of the menu of Microsoft Excel 2013. By recognizing and knowing the parts and functions of Excel 2013 menus, you can work with Microsoft Excel 2013 with easier and faster.

The parts and the functions of Excel 2013 menus are as follows:

Menu Bar

Menu Bar is useful to execute a command. The menu bar in Microsoft Excel, among others:
  • File
  • Home
  • Insert
  • Page layout
  • Formulas
  • Data
  • Review
  • View
Status Bar
Status Bar has two main areas, namely the Message Area on the left and the indicator box on the right. Ready is a sign that Excel is ready to receive commands, while NUM indicates that the function of the numeric keys on the keypad on the keyboard is active.

c. title Bar
The title bar is the part that is located at the very top of Excel sheet. In the title bar, there are several components, that is:

Ø Icon Control Menu
Ø Restore, to adjust the screen size in a relative size.
Ø Move, to move the screen window to another position.
Ø Size, set the screen size of the Excel window.
Ø Minimize, featuring the Excel window to the minimum size in the form of icons.
Ø Maximize, featuring the Excel window to a maximum size, which meets the screen.
Ø Close, to exit from the Excel Program.

d. formula Bar
Formula bar has a function to insert, repair, and also can display data or formula in the cell that is currently active. To correct or repair the data or formula is by clicking or pressing F2.

e. Cell Pointer
To move the cell pointer to a new position, can be a support for a mouse or keyboard. With a mouse we can freely move the cell pointer with a pointer to the targeted cells. While using the keyboard steps has been taken include:
If the position of the cell is outside the display window, then we can use the facilities of the scrollbar, both vertical and horizontal to reach the cell what is meant.

That is the parts and function of Excel 2013 menus. By getting to know the parts and functions of Excel 2013 menus, it will be easier for you to work with Microsoft Excel 2013. Congratulations.

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