How to Protect and Prevent Computer From Virus?

The spread of computer viruses can occur in various ways. Your Computer or laptop will be infected with a virus if:
  • Using a computer that has been plagued by a virus into the network;
  • Using a disk that has been plagued by virus
  • Copying content diskette that has been plagued by virus
How to protect, prevent from Computer Virus?

  • Write protect "on your diskette or removable media storage, so that copying can not be used;
  • Do not copy any Data
  • Always use the "Scan Anti Virus" to avoid the presence of virus
  • Keep the damaged program from the data file into a different diskette or removable media storage.
  • Use antivirus that you trust with the latest updates. No matter any brand as long as it is always updated, and the auto-protect is turned on, the computer will be protected.
  • Always scan all external storage media that is used,
  • If connected directly to the Internet combine your antivirus with firewall, anti-spam, and so on.
  • Always be wary of suspicious files, for example: with 2 pieces extension file or executable file that looks suspicious.
  • For Freeware and also shareware software, it helps you take it from the official website.
  • It is more better to avoid buying pirated software, or use of open source software.
Some actions and treatment for protection, prevent and handling from Computer Viruses

The following are the actions you can do to prevent, protect from computer viruses.

When viruses infect the data on a floppy disk / external media:
  • "Back-up" all the data
  • Turn off the system
  • Execute the "boot" using the DOS diskette in "write protected" clean from virus attack
  • Use anti-virus program (on diskette) to get rid of the virus on a floppy disk / computer that plagued earlier.
If a computer virus is in desktop computer or laptop
  • Detection and determine roughly where the source of the virus, is it on a floppy disk, network, email etc.
  • If in the network then it helps you isolate your computer first (either by removing the LAN cable or disable the Internet connection from the control panel)
  • Identify and classify what type of the virus that attacks on your PC, by the way: The symptoms, for example: messages, files are corrupted or lost, etc.
  • Scan your computer with antivirus program, if exposed when auto-protect running means virus definitions on the computer does not have data of this virus, try to update manually or download a virus definition, and then install it. If the virus is blocking your efforts to update antivirus, then try to use other media (computers) with antivirus software has the latest updates.
  • Clean the virus. After successfully detect and recognize it then try immediately to seek removal or ways to destroy it in the websites that provide information on the progress of the virus. This needs to be done if the antivirus with the latest updates you do not succeed destroy it.
  • The worst step. If all the above does not work is to reformat the computer
The signs of computer virus attack:
  • The program can not be used / run
  • Applies "disc error" (if on a diskette)
  • Failure "boot" system
  • Degraded system usage.
The parts were attacked by a computer virus

The parts were attacked by a computer virus include: Into the application file (EXE, COM, SYS, OVR, etc), Into the "Memory", into the "File Allocation Table (FAT)", Into the data file (dbf, .WK ?, * .DOC, etc)

That is a little share knowledge about how to protection, prevent your computer from attacking computer virus, how to handle it when your storage media or computer are exposed computer viruses and the parts that are usually attacked by computer virus.

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