How to Keep Clean Water at Home

Why do we have to maintain and use clean water? Water is a basic need that is used daily for drinking, cooking, bathing, rinsing, cleaning the floors, wash the tools kitchen, wash clothes, so that we avoid the disease especially from water borne diseases.

In emergencies, lack of clean water, sanitation and personal hygiene could cause disease that later became endemic. Cholera can occur due to poor sanitation and human denseness.

What are the terms of clean water?
  • Clean water is physically indistinguishable through our senses, among others (can be seen, felt, kissed and touched):
  • Water should be clear colorless and clear.
  • The water is not cloudy, free from sand, dust, mud, debris, foam and other debris.
  • Water is tasteless, not salty, not taste sour, salty, and bitter, must be free of toxic chemicals.
  • The water does not smell like the smell fishy, ​​rancid, rotten, or a sulfur smell.
What are the benefits of using clean water?
  • Avoid diseases distractions such as Diarrhea, Cholera, Dysentery, thypus, Helminthiases, Hepatitis, eye disease, skin disease, or poisoning.
  • Each member of the family of personal hygiene maintained.
What can be done to maintain the cleanliness of drinking water?

If clean water are available, can be cooked immediately. But if it is not available of clean water, the water can be processed as follows:
  • Water purified by the purifier
  • Filtering with a sand filter (bio sand filter).
  • If the clean water is not available, may temporarily use bottled water
  • Boiling water until boil and allow it to 2 minutes.
  • Keep water that has been cooked in a clean and covered.
What is the role of cadres or health officials in promoting the use of clean water?

  • Provide clean water facilities
  • Utilize every opportunity to remind the public on the importance of use clean water.
Maintain the cleanliness of the water, especially drinking water is a basic thing that should be done by each individual in the family members. Because the sources of clean water will be able to maintain a healthy body from various diseases especially from water that is not clean.

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