Hand washing, Why, When and how How to and The benefit?

Why should Hand washing with soap and clean water? In emergency situations, the water provided no guaranteed cleanliness and may contain disease-causing germs. When used, the bacteria will migrate to the hand. At the time of eating, germs quickly into the body, which can cause disease. Hand sometimes looks clean by naked eye but still contain germs. By washing your hand with clean water and Soap can remove dirt and shed or remove the germs. Without soap, dirt and germs are still left in the hand.

When the time we must Hand washing?
  • After defecating
  • After cleaning a baby or child.
  • Before eating and feeding a child
  • After handling animals.
  • After playing in the dirt, mud or dirty place.
  • After sneezing / coughing.
What are the benefits of Hand washing with soap and clean water?
  • Hands so clean and free of germ and bacteria
  • Prevent of diseases spreading such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, thypus, Helminthiases, skin diseases, Influenza, Bird Flu
What is the role of cadres / health officers in fostering Hand washing habit?
  • Ensure availability of clean water and soap.
  • in emergency, create a schedule division of tasks for the refugee to keep the environment for Hand washing still clean and does not tarnish.
  • Utilize every opportunity to remind people in importance of Hand washing with soap and clean water.
Tips step by step hoe how to Hand washing properly:

1. Wet your hands thoroughly with clean water flowing
2. Rub the soap into the palms, backs of hands and between fingers
3. Clean under nails
4. Rinse hands with clean water flowing
5. Dry hands with a towel / wipes or dry with aerated
After reading the article above, then you already know why we need to Hand washing, how important of Hand washing for health, the benefits of Hand washing and the correct way to Hand washing properly. Hand washing is one of the healthy habits and lifestyle to improve healthy.

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