What is the Ideal Weight and Calorie Needs?

How your ideal weight? Before planning to reach your ideal weight, of course, first we need to know our ideal body weight and caloric needs we need per day (24 hours).

The Basal calorie needs is the calories you need for daily activities. It can be determined by the following formula:
  • Men = [66.47 + (13.75 x W) + (5 x H)] - (6.76 x A)
  • Women = [655.2 + (9:56 x W) + (1.7 x H)] - (4.77 x A)
  • W = Weight (kg)
  • H = Height (cm)
  • A = Age (years)
With the calculation of Basal calorie needs above, can help you to determine the right foods and should be consumed in accordance with the needs of your calories so that you can achieve the ideal weight for both the advantages/obesity and disadvantages of weight.

In addition, there are two simple ways to calculate your ideal body weight:

Method 1 is Using Brocca formula, that is:

Ideal Body weight = (Height - 100) - (0.1 x (Height - 100))

Method 2 is Using the Body Mass Index (BMI), that is:
BMI = Weight [kg] / (Height [m] x Height [m]:

The result of the calculation of the ideal Body Mass index in men and women:

BMI for Men:
  • 14 - 18 is too skinny
  • 20 - 25 is Ideal body weight
  • 28 - 33 is obesity
BMI for women
  • 13 - 17 is too skinny
  • 19 - 24 is Ideal body weight
  • 26 - 31 is obesity
For an BMI greater than the ideal value, then you need to control the amount of calories that enter the body. In general it can be used a matter of equivalence 8000 calories equals 1 kg of human body weight. So if you want to reduce your weight as much as ½ kg per week this means every day you have to cut about 572 calories / day than the number of calories you need. It looks difficult, but if you understand the strategy, then it is actually easy to do. We will discuss further in subsequent chapters at obesity management articles.

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