Tips to Lose Weight by Targeting

There are many tips how to lose weight, once of the is by set target. How to set target to lose weight? You specify the target must be accompanied with the goal, where it the goal could be a your dreams to achieve something like getting a more attractive appearance with a weight loss program. With the existence of the target, then you'll be more motivated to try to achieve it and come out the winner.
For example, a man weighing 82 kg and height 170 cm want to reach their ideal weight, using the Brocca formula mean ideal weight to be achieved is 63 kg. So the need to reduce weight by 19 kg to achieve the ideal weight.

To achieve it you need to specify the target. If you find it difficult to lose weight by 19 kg, then you can also split it into several stages so that it seems to be easier.

For example: in the first stage to lose weight 7 kg over a period of 5 months, the second stage to lose weight 6 over a period of 4 months, and the third stage to lose weight 6 kg in 4 months.

Often we have set the targets and start it with the spirit, but in the end we did not reach the finish line.

To reach the finish line, a much needed motivation. You can get a variety of motivations by imagining your ideal weight, photographs of sportsmen who have an athletic body shape, friends who can provide support for you, motivational books, and others. If there is a temptation that tried to block you, then set them aside it
now and focus yourself to the target that you have set to lose weight. That is tips to lose weight by targeting.

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