Tips for Daily Facial treatments

Face look beautiful and have a clean and healthy is every woman's dream, then to realize it takes a process routine such as facial treatments. To treat the face every day in order to stay fresh and healthy, so we can do the treatment with the products below:
  • Moisture
  • Milk Cleanser
  • Powder
  • Face Tonic 
  • Tissue face (if necessary)
If you are a busy woman doing various activities in daily life and do not have time to perform maintenance naturally then you only have enough milk cleanser, face tonic, moisturizers and powders.

If you have oily skin types should not be using moisturizer, just enough to wear powder that protects you from the sun. But if you are not familiar, you may use a moisturizer that contains water and for oily skin.

If your skin type is oily then do not forget to provide a facial tissue to reduce oil at any time if necessary. Even though you are busy with various activities but take a time for your self to do facial so that your face is clean and fresh. Facials can be done 2x a week, once a week or 2 weeks. Depending on needs.

If you are people who have free time enough then it is good for daily facial treatments using natural ingredients that have been mentioned on the previous page. For cleaning and refresher could probably use a cucumbers and tomatoes are easy to find on the market. Or facial every day by using celery. Creating a natural mask from fruit and vegetables. And use as a daily facial care.

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