Tips, Choosing the Right Type of Printer

The printer is a hardware device that is used to make prints on paper. Therefore, the printer is called hardcopy device. To be able to pick and choose the right type of printer that will be used appropriately, the following is information about the types of printer should you need to know.

Based on the technology of printing, printers are grouped into:

1. Impact Printer

Printers of this type are often called hammer because the printing is done with hitting a cluster of pins (needles) to the ink ribbon. Pin layout is very near so make relatively uninterrupted letter. Pin number ranges from 9 to 24 pins. The greater the number of pin, the more subtle writings. The advantages of this printer is the ability to print paper copies that can not be done any other printer. Some printers that include this type is:
impact printer
  • Dot Matrix (printer which uses a print head in the form of a set of pins)
  • Daisy Wheel (printers that use the wheel that contains characters)
  • Line Printer (printer which prints one line per time)
You have to know some tools are included in the computer hardware. The printer In order to function must be connected to the computer, some kind of hardware requires a driver installation. These printer drivers generally will be given when you buy a printer hardware.

2. Thermal printer

thermal printer
Thermal printer is the best option for the output of color printing with high quality. Color printing thermal printers require waxed paper or paraffin. The heat will burn dots on these special paper so that the prints was good. For black and white printing, thermal printers do not require special paper, but can with plain paper.

3. Ink-Jet Printer

ink-jet printer
Ink-Jet Printer is a printer that provides printing by spraying dots of ink that is electrically charged to the printing paper. This printer can be used to print color or black and white. This printer can print on plain paper or on plastic for presentation materials

4. Laser printer

laser printer
Laser printer is a printer that gives the best results. The printer is designed for mainframe computers because it has a speed of about 229 per minute, whereas for PCs at speeds of 4 to 25 pages per minute.

5. Multi function printer

multi function printer
The multi function printer is a type of printer that has a variety of functions, for example, used for photocopiers, scanners, even for facsimile.

By knowing the types of printers, then it's time you specify the type of printer you want to use for personal or office or company.

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