Natural ingredients for Skin and Facial

God created the course with a variety of useful benefits for humans. The plants that are around us also have a wide range of extraordinary benefits is certainly not just for health but also for the beauty of our skin.

So Many fruits and vegetables are beneficial for skin health and beauty that we can find around us. Natural ingredient and materials is not only secure but also keeps us from carcinogens (cause cancer) from the chemical beauty products. In addition to fruit and vegetable ingredients in the kitchen can be used for beauty treatments. Natural materials that can be used for skin and facial treatments:

Tomatoes serves to remove black spots on the face and refreshing face and also smooth the skin. Gently rub the tomato to the face. Let stand briefly and then rinse with water. Or can be blended first and then put into the face so as to use a mask, let stand until completely absorbed approximately 15 minutes. Be careful for used to sensitive and dry face. Tomatoes are suitable for oily and normal skin.

Cucumber is a natural substance that serves as a natural refresher or often called astringent. How to use a cucumber, cut into two parts and then incitement to face slowly until you feel a freshness. Then let stand and dried. After that, wipe your face with water. Suitable for oily and normal skin.

In addition, Cucumbers can also be used as eye fresher, when using the mask put cucumber slices over the eyes closed. Then after completion in the mask not only the skin is fresh but also a fresh eye. Or it could be used as a natural bleach mixture that can be done at home.

This fruit is very fresh when juiced, but other than that the fruit is very useful as a natural moisturizer is perfect for dry skin types. Natural Moisture without side effects that can tighten, cleaning and taking care of facial skin freshness. The trick is, mash the avocado in a blender, apply the avocado evenly to the face. Let stand for 20 minutes. To treat dry skin and normal.

Grapes is used to remove wrinkles on the face. The trick is, halved grapes. Then apply or rubbed on the face evenly. Let stand about 15 minutes until dry. Then wash with water.

According to an herbal specialist, with using celery that we could facials with low price. Because if we buy a bunch of celery then the price is cheap. Well, usefulness is to cleanse the skin, eliminate acne and makes the skin fresh and naturally beautiful. The trick is, boiled celery first. Let stand until lukewarm. Then apply a water celery with cotton to the entire face surface evenly from chin to forehead. Let stand for a few minutes until dried and then rinse with cold water to close the pores of the skin. This can be done every day to obtain optimal results.

Jicama or yam
This fruit is white that is often used in beauty products for skin whitening. Indeed, the Jicama is efficacious for brighten skin and diminish the black stain on the face. The trick is, grated the Jicama, squeeze the juice. Let stand overnight and tomorrow morning the extract of jicama will settle. Discard the water and drying or dry extract of the yam. So the extract of the yam will be a natural mask of yam that is very useful for the face. Its use is the same as using a mask.

aside from fruits that are nutritious for the health of the face, honey is equally great benefits for beauty. Nutritious of honey is soften and moisturize the face.

The trick is, dab of honey throughout the face. Let stand until dried. After that wash with water. Indeed, honey is sticky and uncomfortable, but when used regularly, the results will be satisfactory. In addition, honey is also benefits to moisturize and redden the lips naturally. The trick is, dab of honey to the lips evenly. Let stand 20 minutes or overnight. Clean with water. Perform routine then you will naturally red lips and fresh.

Apples contain anti fatty substance that have functions to remove the dirt on the skin. Mash the apples with a blended. Apply on the face. Wait up to 15 minutes. Then wash with warm water. Apple mask is suitable for oily skin because it is able to neutralize the excess oil.

The sour fruit that was efficacious to brighten the skin. The trick is, cutting the fruit in half. Rub gently into the facial area. Be Careful for use of lime because it is painful if contact with skin. Especially for sensitive or dry skin. It recommended not to use the lime. The lime s suitable for oily skin because it implies can neutralize the oil in the skin. Let stand face until dry and then rinse thoroughly.

The rice that we eat everyday after becoming the rice was efficacious also for our skin. Its function is to whiten and tighten facial skin. The trick is, Soak rice overnight. The next day, mash the rice until smooth become powder. And then dried in the sun until dry. Made it as a mask. Rice mask can be mixed with honey to obtain optimal results. Wait up to 20 minutes and do regularly for optimal results.

Papaya serves to eliminate acne. Mashed papaya in a blender. Then put on the face about 15-20 minutes. Then rinse your face with warm water. Use regularly 2x a week and see the results.

Egg whites
Egg whites are very helpful for our facial skin tightening. The trick is, dab the egg whites into the face can be mixed with honey or lime. Let stand about 10 minutes. Then wash with warm water. Perform this routine 2 weeks.

Fruit known as monkey's food turned out to have remarkable properties for our face that makes the skin look smoother and cleaner. To Cleanse the face naturally can be using banana, the trick is, mash the half of banana. Use as a mask and let stand for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and to refresh rinse with cold water.

Natural ingredient and materials and above, you can get it for cheap or even free. You just choose according to your skin type. The result from using natural ingredients is not as fast as using chemical beauty products. But if we routinely do so then we will look more natural with natural beauty and of course safe for the skin and even nourish our skin.

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