Knowing How to Use the Mouse, Keyboard and USB

In order to ease using a computer, you need a tool that can help you to interact with your desktop computer or laptop, for example, to type, to select a menu, executing an application, and external data storage media such as USB stick (flash). For that you need some device called a mouse, keyboard, and USB Stick (flash).

To be able to use a variety of equipment mouse, keyboard, and USB stick on your computer, quite easily, these following is how to use them:


This device is designed to move the cursor (arrow) on your computer desktop or laptop, the function of this tool is to help you to interact with the desktop, for example, to interact with the menus of applications on the desktop, and so forth.


Device keyboard is used to display the output as text / font on your computer screen, this function is similar to the function of the device manual typewriters, these devices contain letters alphabetic, numbers, and symbols that you can use to type a text long.

USB stick (flash)

usb stick
To use the USB stick (flashdisk), you must first connect the device to your computer. To connect this device you can just connect this device with a USB port that has been provided in the back or front on your computer, so that the device can be read by your computer.

The function of the USB stick (flash) is a medium for external data storage.

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