Junk Food to be Avoid for Manage Obesity

Now it is time to discuss the food we need to avoid for planning to lose weight and manage obesity. Of course, we often hear the term of junk food, which is a food that does not have adequate nutrients. Junk food contains so great of calories that it could be a major factor in the obesity. Here are the junk food and other food we need to avoid:

Instant Noodles and Fast Food
This type of food is very tasty and practical, but contain very high levels of salt, as well as vitamins and minerals in very low numbers. Foods containing high levels of salt will aggravate the burden on the kidneys work and cardiac blood vessels, damaging the mucous membrane of the stomach, intestinal damage, increase the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

These foods contain calories, fats / oils, and high oxidant. If you frequently consume it can cause various diseases starting from obesity, coronary heart disease, and cancer.

These foods contain salt levels exceed the limit. Often in the salting process also added ammonium nitrite so that it would pose the risk of cancer of the nose and throat.

Innards and fatty meats
These foods contain saturated fat and high cholesterol. If consumption in large quantities and long term, it can lead to coronary heart disease, malignant tumors, and cancer.

Processed Meat
Examples of these foods are meatballs, sausages, nuggets, ham, corned, and so forth. These foods contain nitrite salts are likely to cause cancer, preservatives and dyes that are at risk for the liver, as well as sodium onerous burden on the kidneys and blood pressure is unstable.

Serving Sweet Frozen
Ice cream, frozen cake, and dessert often contain high levels of sugar so it can to reduce appetite, and low temperatures are negative effects on the intestine. One bar of ice cream can contain about 17 tablespoons of sugar.

The food is roasted / burnt
If you frequently consume these foods in high quantities and long periods of time, it will increase the risk of cancer because they contain cancer-causing substances.

Dry sweetmeat or candied
Contains nitrate salts, dried candied will join the ammonium in the body and produces carcinogens substance that would damage the organs, especially for liver. These foods will also lead to high blood pressure and kidney damage.

Processed Cheese
These foods if consumed in large quantities will gain weight because they contain a high fat content and also can raise blood sugar levels.

Canned Food
The content of vitamins and protein in foods cans of course has been reduced when compared with naturally. It automatically lowers the nutritional value, coupled with interaction with tin and preservatives that contain various harmful chemicals. Canned fruit is much more dangerous, because they contain sugar and calories are very high.

Soda or carbonated beverages
In a can of soda / carbonate containing at least 15 teaspoons of sugar, 150 calories, 30 to 50 mg of caffeine and contain other additives such as artificial coloring agents and flavorings hazardous substances. Some beverage cans labeled "diet soda" also contains substances harmful sweeteners like aspartame that can cause diseases such as diabetes, emotional disorders, reduction of vision, ringing in the ears, brain damage and memory loss.

French Fries and donuts
Both of these foods are fried in a long time with the deep fried. Before frying, the food also has an intangible sugar and after frying with oil more pervasive so as to make the body unhealthy. Donuts itself contains about 200-300 calories that are mostly sugar.

White Sugar and food containing sugar
High in calories and contains almost no nutrients. Any sugar source should not be consumed in excess, such as brown sugar, cane sugar, honey, syrup, and so on.

Cakes and Sweets
These foods contain a lot of sugar so it will be one of the triggering factors of obesity because of the high calories in these foods.

Certain drugs
Drugs containing steroids and some antidepressants may cause weight gain.

Porridge and rice cake
These foods can raise blood sugar faster than rice. Because getting food easily processed by the digestive, then formation process of blood sugar will be faster.

Fatty foods
Avoid to excessive consume of fatty foods such as animal fats, coconut milk, all kinds of cooking oil, butter, and all dairy products. Because these foods contain high calories and will cause cholesterol disease.

White Rice
White rice contain low fiber and also at the time of digestion in the body will soon turn into sugar. Then the white rice has lost vitamins because they do not have the bran or rice.

White Bread
The bread contains fiber which is low so it will not make fuller longer. White bread does not contain many nutrients. White bread is often combined with sugar or sweetener that can trigger weight gain

Actually, the seafood give a very small impact on blood cholesterol depends on the type of seafood you choose. Levels of "bad" cholesterol in the blood is more triggered by the way of cooking seafood that are often processed with trans fats. Therefore, to avoid the risk of cholesterol from seafood, you might be able to serve it, such as boiled shrimp, calamari grilled or roasted fish in moderation. Seafood has a number of important minerals needed by the body so it has good benefits also for the health of the body.

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