How to Rotate Images Easily and Quick Using Ms Paint

Everybody can rotate image or pictures easily and quick using software that called image editor software application. However, some image editor software you is not free, which means the software must pay from software developer. However, here is a trick and tip how to rotate an image by using simple image editor software from Windows operating system. So when your computer is already installed windows, then ms paint image editor software is already there and you can use it to edit images, including rotating images.

Here are tips step by step how to rotate images or pictures using ms paint or Microsoft Paint.

Open your mspaint software by the following steps:
  • Through the windows shortcut keyboard by pressing the start button + R, then type in the column RUN "mspaint". For more details see the image below.
  • The second way to open Mspaint image editor through the Start Menu> All Programs> Accessories> Paint.
For more details, see the picture below:
  • Once mspaint are opened
  • Open the image you want to play, from files > Open
  • On the Home menu, click the Rotate button
  • Select rotating type as your like
  • Done, the image has been rotated as your like.
Thus are tips and tricks how to rotate images or pictures easily and quickly by using a simple image editor software mspaint from the windows operating system.

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