How to Perform Facial at Home

Facial is a facial treatment done gradually to treat facial skin to keep it fresh, clean, healthy and attractive. Regular facials once a week or once every two weeks. In general, Facial often do at salons, and not a bit of money that must be spent to facials. Indeed facial better if done by a beautician, but for those of you who love to downsize and perform this rituals by yourself you can do at home with a budget that is diverse and relatively inexpensive. Facials can be done not only with beauty products that have been circulating in the market but natural ingredients that are around home can be used to treat facial skin. In this section I will present tips that uses facial beauty products in the market and also facial with natural ingredients that we can made by own.

Facial with Beauty Products

Facial using beauty products that have been circulating in the market looking for you have a tendency to wear beauty products for your face. For this facial is quite cheap and practical to do in home. It is suitable for those of you who are very busy with tiring job.

For Facial you need products such as:
  • Milk Cleanser
  • Face Tonic
  • Peeling
  • Mask
The above product can be purchased at a nearby beauty shop or on the market in accordance with this beauty product for your use. For my myself use the product of VIVA because according to some of my friends that viva is a product that is safe for the skin. And proven safe for my facial skin.

Step by step for Facial at home
  • Provide warm water and a face towel or can be replaced with cotton. Use face cloth or cotton wool to wash your face with warm water. Washing movements of the lower face area, namely the chin towards the cheek to the forehead. This is done to open the pores of the skin.
  • Dab milk cleanser to the face. Massage gently from chin to cheek to the forehead as do message. Massage the area chin, cheeks and forehead rotate outwards. Cheek rotate towards the ears and nose, massage upward or forehead. Then wipe clean with cotton wool moistened with warm water.
  • Next, use the peeling for peel dead skin cells so that the skin smooth and bright. Dab peeling to the entire area of ​​the face but are advised if the heat to avoid the area under the mouth. Keep well area of ​​skin under the eyes. This peeling can use the peels are already ready to use or powder. To peels are ready you just wait until half dry and then massage your skin in a circle like using milk cleanser. Then peeling will be falling. Do massage slowly because if it's too hard in the massage will make the skin irritation and blisters. To use powder peeling same as above just only add water or water rose. After that, wash and cleaning again with warm water.
  • After peeling process, next step you are ready to be masker. Same thing with peeling, there are masker is also already use, there is also a powder mask. For me, is more than happy with using a powder mask because it is not only more economical price but the result is more than satisfactory. Put the mask evenly to the face. Let stand for about 20 minutes until the mask is dry. For powder mask, just only add water but if you want more fresh you can use rose water which is frequently sold in beauty shops. If using an instant you just apply them to the face. After approximately 20 minutes. Clean with warm water.
  • Finally do refresh with the face tonic. After the face skin is a mask and also cleansed, wait until dry and then wipe face tonic to face with a cotton evenly. Wait until completely absorbed and then rinse with cold water to close the pores.
After facial you can also use a facial moisturizer if you plan to travel. Moisture is suitable for dry skin types. If your skin type are oily skin, enough use the powder to protect the skin from the sun. To obtain optimal results do facials regularly once a week or twice a week. But if you really tired and really need a facial be done.

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