How to Know your Skin Types?

How to know skin types and What skin type am i? Before choosing the right skin care, you need to know your skin type first. Thus you will not go wrong choosing treatments and cosmetics that suit your skin types. These following tip will guide you to know the skin types.

To determine your skin types of your face, wet your face and let sit for an hour without applying any beauty product. After that, use a tissue press your cheeks, chin and forehead.
  • If there is no oil in the skin, it means you have an normal skin types.
  • When the surface of the face leaving the oil, then you have oily skin types.
  • If there are bits of skin tissues carried away, meaning you have dry skin types. If the skin remains dry when you are using a moisturizer then maybe your facial skin irritation or infection would be nice if immediately consult a doctor.
  • If at the T (forehead, nose, chin), are oils means you have a dry skin types-oily combination.
Now, with above tip you can known your skin types, you are ready to choose the care and beauty products according to your skin types. Please refer to beauty tips more suitable for your skin types on this blog in beauty tips category.

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