How to Backup Driver and Restore Driver Computer?

One time, your computer system is damaged due to a certain reason. In such conditions, generally computer you need to reinstall the operating system previously installed. On the Windows operating system, after reinstall the Windows operating system, there are several desktop and laptop computer drivers is not installed automatically from the master CDs of windows operating system. And an additional CD or DVD driver of your computer or laptop are lost or damaged.

The following article will explain how easy and quick to perform a backup driver and restore driver computer drivers by using a software application driver backup namely double driver. This application software  is very easy to use for anyone to perform backup and restore drivers easily and quickly without the need to install drivers one by one on a desktop or laptop computer. You can download double driver by free over internet.

Previously, described the step by step how to backup drivers and restore drivers easy and quick, then you need to prepare to make a backup drivers and restore drivers are as follows:
  • Software driver backup and restore this example uses double driver
  • The hard drive that contains the computer system or computer or laptop that you currently use
  • Hard disk space or removable storage media to save and locate the backup driver
Step by step to create a backup drivers using double driver
  • Download and install the program double driver. You can download it for free
  • Run the program double driver
  • Select the Backup
  • Select Scan current system or a scan other system
  • Appear result drivers computer or laptop that you want to backup
  • Select the drivers you want to backup
  • Click backup now
  • Select the type of file and storage
  • Click OK
Done, you have successfully created a backup driver with the driver backup software quickly and easily. Thus, when any time you want to reinstall the drivers you just do a restore procedure with double driver application.

Step by step to restore driver with the double driver is as follows:
  • Run the software double driver
  • Select the restore
  • Click locate backup
  • Select the location where the storage space you have created the file backup driver
  • Click OK

  • Select the drivers you want to restore
  • Click Restore Now
Wait a few minutes to restore driver work 100%.

That is how easy, fast and instant to make backup driver and restore drivers both laptop or desktop computer using driver backup and restore software namely double driver. Hope it helps facilitate your performance in making backup and restore driver both laptop or desktop computer.

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