Fix Laptop Keyboard Error, Typing Alphabet become Number

Have you experience broken with laptop keyboard, where one of the buttons do not work. And then, as a solution you put a USB keyboard. I was experienced same problems mentioned above, and what happens is there are a few keys on a laptop keyboard that is experiencing error when typing the alphabet U became number 4.

In addition, Besides that the error on the keyboard keys U, some other buttons are also experience same error that confused button. When pressing the alphabet O became a number 6, press a key I became the number 5, press the button J became number 1, pressing the K became number 2, pressing the L became the number 3, press the P button became an * (asterisk), pressing key M became number 0 (zero), and pressing the 0 (zero) become the \.

The keyboard keys on a laptop which the error occurred after installing USB keyboard on a laptop USB port. How to fix it?

How to fix error on Laptop Keyboard - Type a alphabet keys are swapped Became Number

To resolve the error on the laptop keyboard as in the story above you can finish it easily and quick by yourself with the following way:
  • Prepare your fingers to press your keyboard
  • Press the Fn and F11 simultaneously
  •  Done
After you perform the steps above, please do a test and check, on your keyboard. There are still have errors on your laptop keyboard.

If there are still errors on your laptop keyboard, try the second way below
From your keyboard, Press NumLk key and the Fn key simultaneously
Please do test back on your laptop keyboard.

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