Computer Network Components and Equipments

There are some components, equipment used in the computer network, this hardware component and equipment is often used in offices and large companies for building a computer network in there. This components and equipment for building computer network is:

1. Network Interface Card

For choices a network interface card, there are several considerations that must be considered. These considerations are very important to note, that is
  • Type of the network such as Ethernet LANs, Token Ring, or Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI).
  • Type of the Media such as Twisted Pair, Coaxial, Fiber-Optic and Wireless.
  • Type of the bus such as ISA and PCI.

Picture of Network Interface Card

2. PCMCIA Network Interface Card

PCMCIA card is a network card that is used to connect into a network without using wires.

Picture of PCMCIA Network Interface Card

3. Modem

Modem or the Modulator module is the networking equipment used to connect to the Internet using a wired telephone network.

Picture of modem

4. HUB / Switch

HUB or switch used to connect each node in the Local area network or LAN. This equipment is often used in a star topology and extended star computer network. The difference between the HUB and Switch is the data transfer speed. Namely 10: 100 Mbps.

Picture HUB 8 Port and 24-Port Switch

5. Bridge

Bridge is a network equipment used to expand or split the computer network. The function of Bridge is to connect and combine media of network that is not the same as unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and fiber-optic cable, and to combine different network architectures such as Token Ring and Ethernet. Bridge regenerate signals but does not perform protocol conversion, so the same network protocol (such as TCP / IP) must be running to the two network segments connected to the bridge. Bridge can also support the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and has a network diagnostics capabilities.

Bridge comes in three basic types, namely Local, Remote, and Wireless. Local Bridge directly connect Local Area Network (LAN). Remote Bridge that can be used to create a Wide Area Network (WAN) connects two or more LANs. While the wireless bridge can be used to join LAN or connect remote machines to a LAN.

Bridge operates recognize the MAC address of the original node address to transmit data to the network and automatically builds an internal routing table. This table is used to determine the segment to which the packet will be routed and providing filtering capabilities (filtering). Once you know which segment to a package would be submitted, the bridge will continue to deliver the packet directly to the segment. If the bride does not recognize the packet destination address, the packet will be forwarded to all connected segments except the source segment address. And if the destination address is in the same segment with the source address, the bridge will reject the package. Bridge also continue the broadcast packets to all segments except the source segment.

Picture of Wireless Bridge

6. Router

Router is a network equipment used to expand or split the network by continuing packets from one logical network to another network. Routers are widely used in a large internetwork used family TCP / IP protocol and to connect all the host TCP / IP and Local Area Network (LAN) to the Internet using a dedicated leased line. Nowadays, there are many companies using Cisco 2500 series routers to connect two LANs (WAN with two members of the LAN), the LAN to the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Connections like this causes all workstations can be connected to the internet for 24 hours.

Routers contain tables of internal information called routering label that keep records of all known network addresses and trajectory that may be passed. Routers create a path trajectory packages available and latency. Because it uses a packages address of the destination network, the router works only if the protocol is configured is route table protocols such as TCP / IP or IPX / SPX. This differs from the bridge that is protocol independent.

Picture of Cisco Router 2600 series

7. Crimping Tools

Crimping tools are useful for cutting, smoothing and lock UTP cable in the installation of Networking.

Picture of crimping Tools hardware

There are several tools, equipments and components used in computer networks, this equipment is often used in offices and large companies. This equipment, components is the Network Interface Card, PCMCIA Network Interface Card, Modem, HUB / Switch, Bridge, Router, and Crimping Tools.

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