Basic Security Hide Folders in Windows

Folder in the sense of the computer system is a place to store files, either file system as well as documents that can contain various types of data such as documents, audio, video, and others data. This folder can be create by own and placed on desktop location or other locations on the hard disk drive or on others storage media according to your need.

Folders can contain a personal data is extremely important so that anyone can’t  access it. For such things necessary security measures at folder. One of the basic security that can be performed on folders is to hide folder.

Here is a simple trick to hide folder in Windows operating system. Simple steps to hide folder or directory in the Windows operating system is as follows:
  • Go to the place where the folder is located. For example the folder is on the desktop, or on a hard disk drive. Then open the desktop or open windows explorer
  • Once the folder where opened, right-click on the folder you want to hide
  • Select Properties
  • On the menu Folder Properties
  • Give Check on the Hidden
  • Click OK
  • Finish
With the simple steps above, then you have done the basic level security measures at folder by hiding folder so it is not visible to anyone else, except the settings on the folder option are show hidden files or folders.

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