Referral Plans for Pregnant Woman

Communicate your plan for referral with the mother and her family, because referral must obtain consent from the mother and / or her family. Health professionals need to give it a chance, if the situation permits, to answer the considerations and questions the mother and her family. Some of the things presented should include:
  • Diagnosis and medical treatment needed
  • Reason to referral mother
  • The risk that can arise when a referral is not done
  • Risks that may arise during the referral done
  • The time is right to referral and duration needed for referral
  • The purpose of the referral
  • The modalities and means of transport used
  • The Name of health personnel who will accompany the mother
  • The operating hours and the telephone number of the hospital / facility services health destination
  • Estimated treatment time
  • The cost estimates and financing systems (including documents Fittings for health insurance)
  • Direction and the way towards the goal of a referral by using Other transport modalities
  • The choice of accommodation for families

Call a health care referral destinations and convey to health workers who will accept patients following things:
  • Indication of referral
  • Condition of the mother and fetus
  • Plan related technical procedures of referral (including environmental conditions and weather towards the goal of a referral)
  • The Readiness of facilities and infrastructure in the destination of referral
  • The Treatment should be done during and prior to transport, based on the experiences of previous referral

It should be noted by the health center that will accept the patient is:
  • Patient's name
  • The name of health workers referral
  • Indication of referral
  • Condition of the mother and fetus
  • Management has done before
  • The Names and professional health workers who accompany patients

When communicating over the phone, make sure that these things have been noted and acknowledged by health workers at the health center that will accept patients.

Complete and send these files (either directly or via facsimile) as soon as possible:
  • The Patient referral form (at least contain the identity of the mother, the results of the examination, the working diagnosis, treatment has been given, the purpose of referral, as well as the names and signatures of health professionals who provide services)
  • A copy of the medical records of antenatal visits
  • A copy of the medical records relating to the current conditions
  • The results of investigations
  • Other  files to use the financing guarantee Health

Make sure that mothers who were referred had been wearing the identification bracelet.

If such indication exists, the patient can be fitted with cannula intravenous line are 16 or 18.

Start the management and administration of medication as indicated immediately after discussions with health workers in the destination of referral. All resuscitation, emergency treatment carried out before moving the patient.

Check the appropriate equipment and supplies that will be used to referral, by also considering the possibilities that can occur during transport.

Always be ready for the worst.

Revaluated condition before referring the patient's , including:
  • The general state of the patient
  • Vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, temperature, respiration)
  • Fetal heart rate
  • Presentation
  • Cervical dilatation
  • The location of the fetus
  • Condition of amniotic

  • Uterine contractions: strength, frequency, duration

Record clearly all the results of the following names of health workers and hours of last inspection

To facilitate and minimize the risk in the course of the referral, the need to referral the mother can be summarized into Midwives, Tool, Family, Letteror docuemnts, Drugs, Vehicle, and Money)

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